Various issues in recent chaos wastes patch

List of found issues since latest patch- (some of these either were gone or not as apparent when CW launched, but happened after latest patch)…

1- Weapon Switch Glitch
You’re attacking and use right mouse to block, suddenly finding yourself switched to your ranged and using a charge cast- which for Sienna can mean instant overcharge. One time it even randomly brought up the menu. And occasionally you find yourself hammering switch key to no avail.
2- Spawn rate bug
After trying a Cata, Leg and Champ run and finding zero difference in difficulty or spawn rates, gotta presume a bug of its own. However, there are points were 3 patrols worth of stormvermin and 20+ monks are spawning and waterfalling into the game- all with no real physical presence as you’ll get 4-6 of them in the same slot, all overheading in a lethal fan formation. This is a major issue with beastmen.
3. Beastmen spears back to 1.0 vers.
Spearmen are iceskating around obstacles to not lose target on you during their lunge animation. They ignore walls etc. They ignore dodge even from an agility pot and have range that can reach from the start tom the end of a bridge! Ignoring block/dodge.
4. Sudden lag spikes occur randomly, prompting a mecha amount of specials to spawn- like 8 hookrats and such… on champion lol. Some spots cause gunner after gunner to spawn and some a horde of assassins. Immobilizers even on lower diffs seem to never come in 1s anymore but 3-12s.
5. Leeches are teleporting around everywhere without walking or anything… just poof poof poof… they they’re giving you the almight succ from in walls, or right angles. Even as host, I was teleported through and up a stairwell today to get sucked. Hookrat too dragged me into the map. They’re sometimes ignoring dodge and just having you transport in a single frame back into their line of sight even if you dodge stupidly far away and down a hole.
6. Sienna Confuscation staff overcharging randomly. I love the new staff, but so much as opening a floor cast for a milisecond ramps the charge up. Today I had a mino hit me as pyro and I overcharged like unchained would whilst I was just holding the weapon.

1 crash log and a buncha console logs. Dunno if they’ll help:
crash_dump-2021-04-20-13.31.30-16dc3d32-b476-426e-9466-1fcaf6a0cd5c.dmp (667.4 KB) console-2021-04-22-11.12.01-a9f0dfeb-c2d4-420a-bc5f-be96e927422e.log (210.9 KB) console-2021-04-21-19.00.43-d907e866-216a-483c-ac75-1f1ee4293a3d.log (1.7 MB) console-2021-04-21-15.11.16-d09b9f15-aa5e-4288-b9df-986b9d38884b.log (1.9 MB)

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By the way this would be during last patch… not the one that JUST this second came out xD Going into that now.

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We are talking expeditions i presume? At least for some parts.

I think this is a map event specific thing as a challenge…the wastes are unkind to the inexperienced and the unprepared.

And assassins can skip climbing animations while maulers/raiders seem to have learned the art of blink teleportations.

I wish i was kidding.

Pretty sure the lags just a product of the huge number spawns or something but certain maps have modifiers where a shiet ton of specials spawn at the same time.

This is getting BAD!!!
Weapon switch glitch 10+ times today- causing overcharge and death.
Pyro fireball killed me stone dead 100% hp when I launched it as pyro… yep… firing ult took 100% hp and killed me!
special spawn bug.
Backstab audio fails almost all the time.
Leeches dragging you through walls and floors.
Increasingly unstable- fps drops and lag on host.
Enemies multiplying on the spot mid instakill animation.

It was running well on chaos wastes launch… then 3rd patch… unstable mess. I’m going crazy with this!!! I’m thinking somebody is hacking my games whilst on stream because it’s stupid. But the anticheat function that disallows me from playing with my friends on linux, totally stops hackers… so my game is broken all over is the only explanation(?) My system is fine enough to do 3D animation ffs///
Why in the hell does my favourite game hate me so!!! :joy: :sob: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Happend to me today while playing Grail Knight, I changed weapons from Bretonnian Longsword to Bretonian Sword and Shield while being mid heavy attack and my Sword was gone. I could only attack with shield and my character was repeating shield bash all the time. I had to switch weapons few times for it to appear again.

Further Bugs after tonight’s play:
End screen counts down even when people have clicked return to keep, making all wait.

Hookrats, Leeches and Gunners and stormies duplicating on the spot- no not twins… Just normal- One runs up, drops near you or something… you kill one and another is inside it waiting… especially bad with hooks.

Upgrading weapons on temper or exchange makes them just disappear sometimes and you’re left for a random amount of time looking at a pair of hands.

Had them just appear in a circle around today, I was above luckily looking down on them to warn the other player of the incoming 3 backstabs- as 7 appeared around them - on an uncursed level- they’re just randomly coming into existence right in front or behind players.

Boons and Traits failing for those rejoining a game after a crash yeets them from lobby- they rejoin with inventories, which is good… but in spite of reading their boons in menus, the effects don’t actually work for them for the rest of the game.
(miracle of Shallya doesn’t work at all)

We just lost another game at the very end to glitches and bugs so I might be a lil salty lolol
Hope something can be done.

I think this happened to us with a Minotaur. He wasn’t dead and had like 15% HP left, and suddenly there were 2. I was confused, as I’m pretty sure there was only one and they had the same HP…

Never had any of those issues.
Are you running any mods ? Were you hosting or client ? Only in the CW or everywhere ?

No mods. Am Host. In CW. A lot of these issues were in prior to CW… then CW released first and it was smooth and working for me with just one weapon switch glitch happening in 3 hours of stream… then it got patched and for me and 3 teams I’ve played with all the issues are back and more so.

Solorun - last to end level…
Hookrat appearing and hooking from behind itself… He’s stood still here… and teleported me into his hook… from behind…

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