4.1 patch test result w/ logs

Heyo Husky Carcarius folks. Here’s my observed stuff from todays games with this new patch, I’ve been as thorough as possible and been sure to confirm each issue with other in my chat and in game to ensure some aren’t just my crappy eyesight troubles lol :

  1. Sever hyperdensity is back- seemingly no enemioes have collision with anything, and CWs and Exeutioners are ice skating around after targets when they’re supposed to be overheading in a still position. Just as I said “at least we have no executioners appearing from nowhere…” we got like 12- sod knows how many spawn into Nurgloth’s event during the 2nd wave on legend… I know one or two from each window was normal, but we had more than double just seem to appear mid crowd… it was observed that when waiting for rescue, there are enemies glitching in and out of existence around them, but Exe’s were doing this when the players were within shooting sight.
  2. Hookrats are broken! We had them clip walls to get us, and 2 of us in the same household in team (me and the wife) had an issue whereby no matter if you had full dodge, you couldn’t dodge them. Pressing both double tap dodge and shift rigged dodge attempts caused a 0.6 second delyay where the character just stood still lagging, and then teleported into the hookrat. One hooked me from behind itself. They’re not staggering properly either.
  3. Gunners and fire rats are staggering with invulnerabilty- they can take headshot after headshot if targeting you and not even stagger.
  4. Beast are beasting it up again…l all usual beastmen issues noticed- ALTHOUGH NO crash on the minotaur spawn on Twitch mode.
  5. “E” seems to stick? Causing one to press 4 or 5 times to pick something up.
  6. My wife was still on unusually high ping from her PC 3ft away from mine, me as host and she was clocking 70-100 ping. However, as host I wasn’t experiencing the sudden 300 ping spikes from nowhere anymore.
  7. Respawns are broken again. On cata, into the nest, we died at the roger pits and only respawned outside Sharrik’s nest. Poor witch had to solo for ages… she did clutch though lol :slight_smile:

Twitch mode:
First game we linked up read that it had connected, but during game wasn’t on… but we had 10x the specials than normal just spawning so it fooled us for a bit into thinking we’d actually just missed seeing the choices lol. When connected on Cata, the game gradually became more unstable the more matches we played until eventuially we put down to legend, but even here, the hyperdensity was so insane, we had CWs spawn in dark omens, and they were just ice skating into the same slot- this caused them to kill you before you could see the attack animation starting, I was on elf and a mate on Engi- both of us had block continually ignored throughout- sometimes you’d be dead before the shield even got a chance to pop up on screen- they’d appear shattered after a stutter. Twitch integration definitely had a lot more issues than the standard match.

I’m linking console logs for ya, but we had NO actual backend errors or full crashes!!! So that was good. Hope all this helps.

console-2021-01-26-11.18.58-99362b73-abb5-40bf-b9a6-765b4bdb4ddc.log (3.1 MB) console-2021-01-26-01.48.44-bf605065-b512-4bb3-8455-7504a7807c75.log (819.0 KB)


They´ve been resistant to stagger from ranged weapons once they start firing for a long time now, this is intentional. Stuff like shortbow cant budge them whatsoever.

Basically a feature at this point, being silly strong that is, especially when they get a armored horde+banner spam.

They wrote about this in patchnotes, they are starting to look into it.

This has always been happening xd

Some maps are better or worse than others and ratlair is definitely one of the worst ones in this regard, but it also occurs from time to time on others.

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Actually a few patches tago they did fix- it was after Ubersreik maps were giving ridiculous “end of level” spawns. It’s very recently all the maps have started spawn breaking again.

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I am saying it wasnt fixed because i never stopped being seeing it : p

Fatshark often states a bug is fixed but then it isnt actually, not completely.

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After today, we had a nasty crash- no choice to send so I’m posting the log here…

As far as I know, no mods, twitch mode enabled, legend play, EU servers. :slight_smile: Again hope it helps.

crash_dump-2021-01-27-11.30.22-e36fd203-00b7-4ba5-b0c3-2ee9a7b927ef.dmp (633.1 KB)

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