Random crashes since playing today

Having a series of backend errors… game being wonky…

console-2020-12-27-14.02.25-273c646b-c6f7-470b-aa97-792aacf9303b.log (759.4 KB) console-2020-12-27-13.57.24-7e67b6d5-4c26-494c-9191-349567c4eb8c.log (123.8 KB) console-2020-12-27-13.28.27-758f799e-9df4-40b2-83f2-f0ca41957931.log (123.6 KB) console-2020-12-27-13.12.25-3c91d2e4-98b1-4649-948d-a8650c2fb5af.log (124.2 KB) console-2020-12-27-12.54.10-8897427f-9f3e-49d1-be55-7b14d109e58f.log (124.0 KB) console-2020-12-27-12.52.16-a463a214-ac6a-44ea-84ee-f554b5b774af.log (124.2 KB)

Is this still an issue for you @walkertrips? I know Steam has been up and down.

Yeah I’ve been keeping an eye on it, last four days it’s happened only a couple of times… revalidated files over and over and even tried a reinstall.
Here’s my last few logs incase you see anything abnormal. For a bit, the wintab32.dll issue came up until I did a fresh install and reset my system- though I believe that is a win10/anticheat issue not some much on your folks end. And yeah steam’s been mental a bit too @FatsharkJulia xD

console-2021-01-03-03.43.00-4f4eee05-80ca-4337-8dad-913fd215c12c.log (882.7 KB) console-2021-01-02-23.09.32-9e9c7b17-a714-40ee-b635-f58ddc68db73.log (1.0 MB) console-2021-01-02-21.12.36-025a35af-5edb-45e9-bf28-a94ff92a9648.log (801.5 KB) console-2021-01-02-12.59.00-a21bb5ad-2d27-4bba-8799-b74e787fe49a.log (934.5 KB) console-2021-01-01-22.08.43-cfb8062c-e361-4087-b13c-f070d01934c0.log (827.5 KB)

Dunno if there’d be any connection but have been having some in game issues of instability-
enemies appearing out of thin air- maulers in mid swing being the worst, then disappearing (and not on the weaves, just in general QP Legend)
Sienna’s Dagger block stopping a storm vermin overhead but becoming useless with normal clan rats- getting ghost stabbed every shot, even with backstab audio not happening.
“Ping lag” issues when playing as host- delayed hits, things coming out of the walls.
Here’s my last 3 game logs - if ye have time to see if something is amiss and causing such things. When I quit the game last it apparently caused 2 friends to crash completely too. The only mod I have on I believe is nowobble… but this has been happening even when completely unmodded.

console-2021-01-04-16.00.14-ffb0123a-a69e-4e5d-8e78-96419eb196d3.log (1.5 MB) console-2021-01-03-14.58.16-e5958053-dca2-4f82-ae31-7d1c35ef3971.log (1.9 MB) console-2021-01-03-03.43.00-4f4eee05-80ca-4337-8dad-913fd215c12c.log (882.7 KB)

Those sorts of issues aren’t likely to present themselves in the logs unfortunately :frowning: when did this all start for you?

Around the same time as the Engi update for the crashes and enemy glitches. Having tested it on stream there’s 10x the instability when twitch mode is engaged. But that could be cos if a few glitch out then more noticable with more enemies.
Other things discovered:
Invisibility on both Elf and Ranger failed multiple times today. The bees sent by Nurgloth were hunting an invisible shade and wiggly jim (chaos spawn) did half a walking animation then went into floor slam on an invisible bardin and stayed with him until dead… his invisibility ran out after he died lol.
Minos are crashing the game when spawned in twitch mode again. Beastmen have gone back to infinite range rock clippers.
Maulers are still appearing out of thin air being all lethal.
Is there any info I can give you, crash logs etc… which might show anything to explain such things?

I’m thinking a lot of errors, at least on stream are being caused by the twitch integration / mutation system in general- and something else maybe conflicting. We played about with cata 200 and had a few non integrated matches… the first standards match went smooth as a cucumber with just a couple of glitches- but the mid swinging executioners appearing out of nowhere happened to 3 of us at some points. Integrated matches after became progresively unstable- like all the above problems mentioned started and got worse the more we played. By the third integrated match it was insanely unstable. Resetting the game into a normal match on Legend was fine then. But after a few matches the above problems began to stack.
Hoping this info helps.

Ok last one I’ll leave… just done some cata matches with some friends. Each became more and more increasingly unstable with the issues above… this time we also had a troll play elf and throw the matches lol. My friend Forest folk noticed something I didn’t; and that was that I as host was ping spiking to like 200+, and the character “tab” in game was showing up 2 of my classes… 2 pyros. Had lag galore from everyone. Some off stuff. Reverified again and again, but man having some awful luck of late.
But like I’ve played with moopshark at 250+ ping and not had half this many problems. Dunno… anyhoo cheers if ye read.

So it sounds like there’s a whooole bunch of latency-related issues here - I wonder if it’s related to the connectivity issues introduced in patch 3.4 as I appreciate your experiences started around that time. I hope that you will see an improvement once we’ve ironed that out!

The crashes will have their own causes, I believe the Minotaur crash you’ve referenced is on our radar.

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