Chaos wastes bug list post


So i have made this post in dedication it to listing bugs observed with the brand new chaos wastes update, i have so far only played enough to find a few but i will keep listing them as i go.

Big bugs

  • All players except the one hosting will have their game crash when a match ends. (Observed in QP for my part) Fixed.

Lesser bugs

25th April

I´d make a list for engineer talent and boon bugs but it seems harder to find something that isnt bugged with him

  • Bomb talents&boons stack and do work

  • Ability talents 2 and 3 do stack

  • Nothing else seems to stack or work and conflicts cause both the boon talent and the talent you had while entering the game to stop working at worst.

  • You can get the effect of ability talent 2 despite not having the boon, somehow.

24th april :

  • Moonbow seems to sometimes not charge its shots properly even if you draw it fully.

  • Trial chests can spawn out of bounds during wastes expeditions (Seen in a skaven town part)

  • Ledge protection is extremely inconsistent in the wastes, sometimes you just fall and other times you dont.

  • Restoration shrines have a ton of offensive boons?

  • Very rare crash without any logs or anything when a map ends.

  • Coin income seems extremely hapzard giving anything from 20 to 40 per cache and only stabilizes at about 20-30 if you have a full team.

  • A lot of boons randomly do not work, like the one supposed to have a 50% chance of activating a carried potion effect on ability use.

  • Morgrims bomb can fail to activate, seems to be terrain dependent but i lack sufficient testing.

  • The “Hordes+” modifier some wastes map is either way too high or bugs out quickly and the result is nonstop hordes quite often.

  • The wastes special twins modifier seems to have 100% activation on specials (unconfirmed.) which is really, reaaaaally nasty if the place also comes with a extra specials modifier.

  • Weapon switching shrines of a higher rarity can give you the same weapon.

  • You can get boons that kill you from the random shrine, for example the one that makes you dash when pushing an enemy. Makes horde management impossible.

April 20th

  • When i tried to patch the game it went and started to loop, it´d download the update over and over which i solved by doing a clean reinstallation at which point it was fixed.

  • One of the corners where enemies spawn in the skittergate finale has gone haywire and any enemies that spawn there just die. If you stand with your back to the gate then its the closest corner on the right.

  • Waystalker “Bloodshot” and “Loaded bow” have gained a strange synergy where it shoots at least 1 extra arrow but at times more than that. I think i got as many as 3 or 4 extra a couple of times.

  • Meanwhile the “Piercing arrow” talent and “bloodshot” have a poor synergy where the former consumes the latter but doesnt produce anything from doing so.

  • Waystalker “ricochet” talent often doesnt bounce more than once or twice. Seems to be a matter of terrain and its extremely unpredicatable&unreliable.

  • Nonstop horde music observed at “Engines of war” plus two hordes spawning with almost no delay in between. Just 10 seconds or so despite a fair quick clear.

  • Game crashes if you open the armory mod.

  • On the farm map there were some broken textures on that dirt ramp you go up over just after the road that leads to a broken bridge where the 3rd tome is hidden below. The surfaces looked weirdly blank and polished rather than like coarse dirt.

Feel free to list any you might find or make your own post if you wish^^

The tower behind the dummies in Taal’s Horn Keep (the one where Catrinne’s chamber is) has no collision for ranged weapons or bombs.

Should i wonder why you were trying to bomb&shoot Catrinne´s tower…? :sweat_smile:

Shooting the two dummies standing at the foot of it

Shades “Cloak of Mist” just doesn’t work now - it was inconsistent before (sometimes in my experience), but now it is bugged as hell - in CW for sure at least! Other crit backstabs seem to mostly work, but for some reason the whole point of the talent and build seems gone atm…

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