Grail knight bugged talent

I was doing a run of Chaos Wastes on my grail knight and observed a bug potential (I had it once before and it worked fine) on the lvl20 talent “Virtue of Purity” where it didnt enhanced the quests but instead had the effect of the same tier talent “Virtue of the Penitent” and made me produce strengh potions in Chaos Wastes. Not only is it obviously weird to obtain standard potions in Chaos Wastes given the number of ennemies we slain on each map it makes me drop so much potions there were a litteral trail of potions left behind us (which was kinda funny).
Dont know if this is supposed to be posted here or like this, this is the first time I report a bug.
Thanks for the work Fatshark! Chaos Wastes is awesome!

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