Actually, we might need a poll

Share your feelings about WoM core mechanics and gameplay. Talking about LEGEND difficulty.
As a very short time passed since update, there will be only questions regarding your feeling of the game.

I find it quite nice that hordes have more hp, there are more diversity of spawns on the maps (more monks and berserks obviously). Now everyone have to care about surrounding, not as it was 1.62 when one hero just rushed through any map and 3 others followed him with very little involvement.

More hp for trash

  • Is good, we can fight together
  • Is slowing progression, maybe need to tweak total HP in horde to make it faster
  • Is confusing, I may need time to get used to it and form opinion
  • Is bad idea

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Stagger system

  • Working fine and I am getting fun playing into it
  • I don’t feel the effect, seems like enemies just got tougher
  • Working fine, but I found it boring and avoiding playing into it

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  • Aye, test my Gromril! Go for it!
  • Aggh. The righteous feel no pain.
  • I’m still standing, dunglicker.
  • Only hurts when I laugh. And when I breathe.
  • Save me from the Pale Queen! Save me!

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Game’s mental health. In terms of jerk moves of all sorts. Getting hit through walls, supersonic assassins, bosses falling through the ground, waterfalls, hyperdencity, ect ect ect

  • Very good
  • Good
  • Inconsistent
  • Poor

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Can’t really answer any of these yet, as it will take quite a lot more playtime to get used to the changes and to find what exactly I feel about each one; a couple of nights’ wirth is nowhere nearly enough. That said, it’s probably just a matter of getting used to the changes (and getting better in the game) for me. Until that, I’ll stay mostly neutral.

Why not Fatshark just delete the Dodge system once for all ?

I don’t really feel these options do a good job of encapsulating the viewpoints.


Agreed. Not only that, but I’d be more interested in knowing the reception in 2 weeks or so (or more).

I’d most like to know what the people who weren’t in the betas think of everything, as those of us that were already got polled back then and there it was quite evident.

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You can look for my thoughts for one POV like that. I’ll bring in more as I play more, but I’ve said a bunch already.


Believe it or not, I wasn’t (technically) a beta player and, much to everyone’s dismay, I’m having an absolute riot with 2.0!

It might also be that I have a complex; if the game challenges me I must rise and face it. I hate when a game defeats me even when I know I could’ve won had my decision-making/timing been better and I love it when I conquer the odds. This being said… anything that makes Vermintide harder makes me want to play it more (so long as it’s based on skill). So far, it’s doing me well :slight_smile:


I have already ^^ - I’m talking more general reception though. At a glance on Steam it looks like veteran players mostly are unhappy while newer players mostly are happy (in terms of post-WoM reviews), but I don’t think that’s comprehensive either - at least not until more time has passed and people have had the time we in the earlier betas did to experience all the new things individually.

I’m not dismayed; if you’re enjoying it, great!

I don’t know how the misconception that the majority of the people complaining don’t like added difficulty arose (or I do, people are using it as an easy way to dismiss the complaints), I guess it doesn’t help that a lot of people here at present didn’t witness the threads in the beta forums. Speaking for the previous betas, there was almost unanimous consensus among us Legend players that at least Cataclysm needed to be hard, as VT2 had become too easy to beat. A lot of us also wanted dodge to be tuned back (but not to the point of uselessness, and luckily there at least FS listened), with the main counterpoint being that it’s harder to play with buddies across the ocean due to latency issues, but we were ultimately on board because we didn’t think the game is meant to be balanced around high latency anyway. The contention is about actual difficulty vs artificial difficulty.

To use an extreme analogy, I (when I had more time) was always a huge PvP player, be it in MMOs (WoW, GW2) or RTS (CoH2, Total War). I’ve always been competitive, irl too (be it Taekwondo, tennis or fencing). I never had a problem with people beating me, it only told me I had to improve. Hell, even in VT2 I ‘compete’ against my teammates (mostly in avoiding unnecessary damage, not using up all the items, aiming well and playing well). What I don’t like in a PvP game is when I’m beaten not by talent, but instead because my enemy was imba and dropped out of the heavens like a Baneblade launching tactical nukes from its muzzle, destroying all in its path, and me never having a chance in the first place.

And really, my main concern at this point is that in terms of weapons we traded one unbalanced meta for another. I’m not concerned for myself either, my main weapon choices are going to be alright, Executioner’s, Dual Hammers and Glaive were all among my favourites pre-WoM. I always used to weave pushes in with dodging. Hell, I even liked both A&S and S&S a lot beforehand, and they weren’t meta at all.

But that’s not the point, the point is I don’t want to have it go back to me having limited preferred weapons and not wanting to take others due to obvious weakness; I’m worried the new meta is going to be even more restrictive than ever before, and while I had nowhere near the time needed to know how broad that meta’ll be, the impression I got wasn’t positive.

I’ll have to test how I like M&S, A&F, Elven Spear, Elf 1H Sword, S&D, D&D, Crowbill etc post-WoM launch, I dunno yet. A&F remained BiS in the previous beta imo, poor falchion :confused:, S&D (and worse yet, D&D) I continued to enjoy but Glaive felt better meta-wise whereas before I used to find them comparable (mainly I took S&D to OHK 2 CWs per Shade ult ^^, and D&D to vary things). Dual hammers utterly pushed dual axes out of the way, which was disappointing as I liked both before.

Other than that I liked the reworked talents (excluding a handful), I may’ve even talked more about those on the beta forums than the combat revamp and its meta ramifications :sweat_smile:, I liked the beastmen, issues with them put aside, I liked the new weapons (mostly) and most of all I liked getting Cataclysm.