Way. Too. Easy

My greatest fear was that there wouldn’t be enough of an endgame challenge for skilled players, and holy cow, were my fears ever realized. Champion is a joke, don’t play it at all anymore, and legendary isn’t much better. The only real difficulty spike is the number of specials. Bosses are spongier, but that just means they take longer to kill.

The biggest problem is how little health regular enemies have. In VT1’s Cataclysm, there were only a handful of weapons that could 1-shot clan rats, making crowd control and damage dealing two seperate, and important roles. Now, with enough power level, everything other then mid tier chaos infantry dies in one hit from basically any weapon. Hoards are just something to nuke as you move through the level, not a threat that requires teamwork and skilled melee coordination to deal with.

Don’t be afraid to make the top level difficulty actually difficult. Whats the point of all these new abilities, talents, traits, etc, if there is nothing to test them against. It feels like Vermintide 1, but with a bigger stick.


Agreed, I dont know especially why cleave was reworked. Feels like now I can just waltz through a horde as my weapon hits everything. And for damage: Even on Legend you can easily oneshot almost all enemy types. Oneshotting a SV in Cata VT1 was something that required specialist loadout, now its something everyone is doing.

Legend was supposed to be this super uber punishing difficulty, but aside from certain spikes in certain maps, its not what it was marketed out to be. You can roll through without issues at power level 400, I dread to think what 600 will be. I mean, there’s still wiping, but its always just due to a bad special spawn, like getting two leeches + packmaster + globadier + swarm + chaos spawn. The normal enemies are a joke, which they shouldnt be.

Sadly we probably wont see much discussion about this, as people seem to be complaining how recruit is still too hard.


Thanks for the informative posts blowing a lot of hot air without explaining anything about how you played and what you played.


Here read this again

yeah once you get 500-600 power level legend just isnt THAT challenging. Cata in vt1 was much harder.

I think hordes are too weak on all difficulties, honestly. And there’s not enough of them. Pressing left click a bunch of times shouldn’t be how to beat a swarm, but I can’t think of a weapon that won’t do that once you’re halfway through the difficulty power cap.

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make them do more damage.

I think real endgame is deeds. There is some completly insane deeds out there.


Sure, but those are random from boxes. It’s just not a good gameplay loop if you have to do things that might feel too easy to maybe do things that might feel too hard. You should feel challenged and then emboldened to do something even harder.


Got deed on champion waves instead of slaves are like 20-30 armored rat knights +10-15 chaos knights. Lol

Edit. That wave was probably a bug. The other waves wasnt THAT brutal.

Good news is it could be easy to remedy in the future by adding more difficulty levels.
Myself think a D3 approch would be nice where they can make scaled difficulty options that range from face roll easy to impossible.

It might take some tweaking with how certain passives scale such as overcharge so one hit will not cause her to overheat but overall would allow for difficulties for everyone.

Cata in V1 is a joke compared to Legend.


Dude let’s see you take a sword to the head and stay alive I like that the weakest mobs are realistically peasant level, militia men are not soldiers.
Keeps it real.

I sometimes see posts like yours but never seen any evidence to back it up. No videos. Nothing. You’re also not considering other factors like what occurs during a run? If a run is smooth(on any difficulty), it seems easy. That’s the case with anything in life. How much of the playerbase will actually be able to do the most rewarding difficulty? You can get reds from Emperor’s chests on champion, so that’s useful and doesn’t require all players to do legend to get reds. Legend will just give better chances. The game hasn’t been out very long, there are still many tweaks to go, changes, etc.

All in all, if you’re going to make such substantial claims, you should provide proof. Otherwise, everything you say may as well be taken as works of fiction.

And with this, you’re not comparing apples to apples. The game plays out pretty different from VT1 Cata. VT2 is harder, has more enemies and specials, has more perks and bonuses for characters, bosses are harder, and the game is more team-oriented. VT2 legend has maps filled with Stormvermin and big axie boyz. Standard VT1 cata ddn’t have that. You talk about the hordes but completely leave out all the other nasties that the game throws at players. Then you have deeds… the list goes on.


i think the game can be rather easy with a very coordinated team. Four lv.30 skilled player with microphone can handle well even legend, (which is brutal, i played over 200hrs at VM1 and i think it was way easier), but a public match with runners and “i just wanna kill things” dudes will be insta-wiped at the first horde + boss, no matter how well geared they are. This game is all about coordination and watch the back of your team, many people don’t understand that (according to what i can see when i try a public game), and so even easy situations can led to a wipe because every team member is in a different direction.

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Lvl 30, skilled player with microphone, also assume no lag, good machines, hmmm… it’s not sounding that easy, maybe it’s actually harder than I, the lucky guy with good gamer friends realize. -_-

What are these “friends” you speak of?

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Could you record and post us video how ”ez” this game is in legend difficulty by running 3+2 on a bossmap? Would love to learn from better players. Also record voip so audience can enjoy :+1:t2:

Preferably that fatboi boss :upside_down_face:

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Was referring to Bombatomica’s comment to get a full top level party all with mics they gotta be friends. XD

I tried some legend matches with random and oh boy, is HARD XD. It’s unforgiving, the first time you made a mistake, don’t kill asap a special, don’t hide from a patrol or, simply the RNG god decides to mess with you, you’re done. I normally play on Champion with random and we can manage, more or less, but Legend is just another league.

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