Veteran way too hard now

Just wanted to provide some feedback. I had played through beta and have really been enjoying the progression of the game.

Having a really (SUPER) hard time finishing any Veteran missions after 1.04 patch.

Players in our group are between level 11-20 with items around 140 power each. We need to do Veteran to get items in the 100-200 range.

Out of the 20 or so missions run today I think we completed maybe 1? Not exaggerating here, I can’t remember what the end of a mission looks like.

The rest we have just been getting slaughtered over and over again. Sometimes we barely get to the halfway mark. We’ll get a big monster spawn plus 2-4 specials spawned. Or we’ll get a swarm with 4+ heavy armored specials. We literally cannot kill all the stuff fast enough.

Haven’t had a rage quit moment in a very long time but I’ve ALT-F4’d the game a handful of times today.

They made it easier to?

Found your problem, if you cannot handle a swarm with 4+ heavy armors in it then you are not good enough for Veteran. If 4+ armor and a horde alone are causing you wipes then you are failing fundamental gampeplay skills. Higher difficulties pre-patch threw armor at you like candy. Like 8 chaos warriors then many mauraders + swarm was literally my first champion match haha.

I could prolly handle that solo TBH. It’d just take a little bit and alot of kiting. Or, if it’s close quarters, I’d prolly take half a health bar of damage if it was just me and no bots or other players.

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I had previously been doing Veteran with a pretty high success rate. It was challenging, people died sometimes, but did not feel overwhelming.

I guess I am just trying to figure out what changed. Is this the new normal? Is this what the devs intended?

Sorry, but thats a personal issue, not an issue with the game. My friends and myself are currently leveling alts on champion and while it can get challenging sometimes, its still relatively managable. Maybe youve had back luck with your teammates. If youve got a premade team, maybe your communication and coordination is off.

As a general rule of thumb, a group needs at least 1 guy dedicated to dealing with specials and it wouldnt be too bad to have another one focusing on armoured targets. Though the first guys role can double as anti armour aswell and you can have 2 of those.

If 4 armoured targets are giving you this much trouble, theres something seriously going wrong in your games. You either dont prioritize the right stuff to kill first, you cant kite properly(or dodge/dmg avoidance yada yada etc) or your team is in a horrible place to fight, to the point where the horde might wipe you without armoured targets.

This isnt to say “OMG L2P N00B!!1!1” but at that difficulty its very much an issue with skill if you cant beat it. What Id advise you to do is to try and analyze whats going wrong in your games after you lost. Were you in a really bad spot? Could that have been avoided? Maybe you shouldve pulled back slightly or rushed a more advantageous spot. Maybe one guy in the group was slowing everyone down. You know, that sorta stuff. If you can identify the issue, you can work on fixing it. If its not a teamplay issue but one of personal skill, Id suggest watching some youtubers give out tips and such. Theres actually some very educational material out there if you look hard enough. j_sat springs to mind as an example.


in my very first game on vt1 in closed beta (against the grain) i encountered a chaos warrior literally everywhere i went, 2 in the starting field, 1 in the first house, 2 in the next road, 2 in the next farm, 2 in the next field, etc etc etc.

i was a hardcore vt1 cata runner, so i could handle myself, but i was seriously thinking what the heck new players would do if they ran a recruit run like that.

thankfully it was just the god of rng grinning down on me

I was levelling alts in vet in 1.03 and have continued to do so in 1.04 and haven’t noticed a change other than maybe a few less specials.

Are you playing with a group of friends or in pubs? What character/s and loadout/s are you using? Did anyone on your team have armour piercing weapons? Do you have someone dedicated to hunting specials? Someone for horde control? Are you using push/stab? What’s downing you - chip damage from normal enemies? Chip damage from getting surrounded in a horde? Getting ganked by specials and too far away from team-mates? Getting chunked by a boss?

If I had to guess, it sounds like a team composition and/or weapon choice issue to me since the patch should have made thing easier, not harder.

Just ran 6 Vets with a buddy. I’m leveling a second character but he’s still on his first at around item plvl 150. I think we had a similar experience in one run but the rest weren’t like that. Normally as soon as we hear a special we stop and hunt it prior to moving on in order not to trigger more. He hasn’t seemed to have any issues with his plvl.