Thanks Fatshark

After having read through a bunch of critical/negative comments I just wanted to let it out:

Thanks for the game. Me and my small group of friends playing are loving it and have faith that what needs fixing can and will be fixed. Awesome job on building VT1 from launch up and expect great things from VT2!

One thing you could do better is move headquarters to another Nordic country so Sweden doesn’t hog all the good things!


@Fatshark Level Designers & Environment Artists.

You guys really improved your work a lot since Vermintide 1.
Every level feels unique, none look the same.
They all have their narrative, unique props, their own colour palette.
While you guys also added much more colour to the game, the contrast in the levels themselves has also improved, playing it several times, players can differentiate easily each area within the levels.
The environment tells a lot more and looks more epic.
Players can navigate more easily in it, even while many shots look like paintings.
Objectives are unique and feel new and are really tied to the narrative.

Well done.


Everyone you’re doing a great job, Devs always put all their heart into the creations they make, And Fatshark’s Devs have put 110% into this one in particular. Hearing your comments will make them feel proud and relieved after reading negative / critical comments (which is mostly bullshit anyway) it will make their day so keep it up.

@Fatshark devs Keep up the amazing work, I’ve been spreading the wonder of V2 to all my friends, Telling loads of people to buy it in twitch chats, I’ve even bought a copy of the game for my favourite streamer (clamtaco you should look him up), and he’s fallen in love with it due to Kerillian’s gameplay. I will always spread good games if I truly believe in it and this is one of the very rare specimens where I get the chance to proudly share it.


Everyone but the filthy greater demon of Tzeentch in charge of the HUD and UI is doing a baller job. Even the things that are currently imperfect I’m sure will be alright soon enough. And the ones that could be better won’t be the end of the world.

So long as all the careers have a lot of unique voicelines I’ll really not be bothered if some weapons are undertuned or if there’s a stringent meta.


This. My brother and I have played the first game extensively, and we immediately pre-ordered this one. They made some amazing improvements and this game is just so much fun.

Thanks to everyone who worked on this game!


Thank you Fatshark team, everybody that was involved in making this game, from the main dev´s to the coffee carrying volunteer. What i´ve seen so far is awesome and if you do the same to the game you did to vermintide 1 it shall become pure greatness. You´ve achieved something i´ve never seen before: capturing the feeling of being a part of this universe, with all it´s facettes. The lorebook in vermintide 1 was a great addition and i would love to see it in vermintide 2 some day because it introduces people who don´t know anything about the lore to this fantastic universe. It´s not just a Game, it´s a frickin´ piece of digital art that sucks you in and gives you an experience rich of… i don´t even know how to say it. The lights, the environment, the characters and sounds give you the perfect perspective of this grim dark period of wh and i won´t miss it.



i’ve been critical of some things but i am enjoying the game a lot, it’s why i have 120 hours in this and the closed technical tests despite there, at one point, only being one map to play. hoping that everyone isn’t taking any sort of critical/negative feedback given around balance and all that as “hate” or anything as this game is a massive step up from the first and i bought it immediately after playing a couple rounds on feb 9th.

the game is a blast to play, honestly, and just like the first it captures the feeling of warhammer very well and as a long time fan of the franchise (we won’t speak of age of sigmar) you guys are awesome. the banter and writing of these games never gets old and the little details in the maps and weapons that some won’t notice put a smile on my face every time.

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Yup. Thanks FatShark and good continuation.

Thank you so much Fatshark. The betas were amazing, and very fun, can’t wait to play the full game later. Hope everything goes well today and the game became a success.

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I’m absolutely loving the game, which I cannot say about many so called AAA+ titles released by huge companies like EA. I can easily see myself spending few hundred hours in V2. I’m looking forward to your next Warhammer title and any improvements, ideas it brings.

Ive been living in the forums since the closed beta and im surprised at how much things were added that people were giving feedback on in the forums. i don’t think you can say at all that the devs don’t listen to the community.

Thanks guys, the game is great! Very nice job and I look forward to all your future projects :slight_smile:

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Agreed, Thank You Fatshark!
Plenty of time spent enjoying your games. The first one was great, and there is clearly a lot of work gone into evolving this second one. Great work.

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Love you Fatshark, thanks a lot for all the hard work you put in this game, and all the coming work you’ll put for all newt updates.
People been saying that the game feels unfinished, and I may agree with them.
But Vermintide 1 was also far from finished when he came out, and he did really well (because you did very well).

Vermintide 2, even unfinished, feel really pleasant to play.
If you just want an advice, I think that your community is now big enough to survive delays in release date, if you feel something is unpolished, make us wait and polish it (like you did to, you know, Death on the Reik DLC x’D)

I wanted to give you guys a thanks for the game I am critical of the because I truly do enjoy it one of my favorite games. I’ve been playing since vermintide 1. I’m In the closed beta bought you ultimate edition bundle bc I want to support you guys.

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