I just want to say thank you Fatshark

You guys have been doing great!

Fatshark changed a lot in last months, and I am loving it, and I am pretty sure most of the comunity share my feeling.

Soo many great updates. Chaos waste, dlc weapons, new class, new skins.

Not only that, but you guys are paying attention to the players. A fast change on new class talent, and a step foward with onslaught tournament (altho there is a lot to explore on that amazing tournament).

The results are the proof we are grateful
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VT2 barely had 10k dayly players. We hit 30k in april and stabilized at 18~20k

Before those last months I was sure I would not get Darktide, just to make a point, but right now, I am willing to get it.

I know I canno’t ask for you guys to keep this pace all the time, but if you guys keep evolving like that, Vermintide franchise will become huge!

In April, vermintide got into the Top 100 steam games, that is not an small archiment.

I know it is hard to release new quality content, but please, right now we need some talents rework and competitive attention.

I want more of that Fatshark <3

Thank you Devs and comunity managers.

Why not join the Fatshark Discord https://discord.gg/K6gyMpu