Just an appreciation post

I appreciate you devs for this wonderful game, and any efforts you are putting into to keep this game updated. I was going to pay for whatever you were charging for the next dlc but I still appreciate it being given free for us. New weapons look interesting and I can’t wait to try them out.

Cheers. Keep up the good work please.


I hate to go to this forum or - god forbid - the Vermintide subreddit, because there’s just so much hate against literally everything. You can’t scroll through a single post withoug someone calling the game broken and the dev team useless and I really hate that. I’ve spent a loooong time both in the game itself aswell as the positive community around it and appreciate them both greatly, it’s just sad that I can’t also enjoy a constructive discussion or memes without the immense negative feedback.

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That immense negative feedback has several reasons and you should know the reasons when you experienced the vermintide series from the beginning.

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