Banned for Quoting Saltz

Edit: Resolved
Steam mods are silly Pigmarites.

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It was Steam - I see no reason for the ban. We’re scratching our heads over this, too.

We’ve unbanned you. Sorry about that.


Aye, I think what happened is, post gets reported. Steam mod sees the report, has no idea what warhammer or vermintide is, sees the post, thinks it’s complete nonsense and spam, bans because of it.

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I figured there was no way Hedge would ban over that. Not unless I’d been directly nasty to him (which I haven’t been in a long time)
I appreciate you (or whomever did) looking into it.


I’m going to go ahead and un-delete the original thread, too.

Oh no mate, I’m not saying it did. i’m saying that a steam mod that has no idea about vermintide or warhammer would certainly think it was nonsense and spam, and under that logic a ban could be warranted to prevent further spam. We know better!

All good mate, glad it was resolved. And thank you for bringing it to our attention!

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