Hedge got some backup

You gonna introduce us to your new slave, I mean peon, I mean… what do you call them Hedge? oh, Community Support. :stuck_out_tongue: Glad you got some moar support. Welcome to the community Fatshark_Gatts, you’ll most likely have developed a drinking problem after a few weeks of dealing with us. I guess we can use this thread for moth memes now. Or has anyone done a bowsette meme for vermintide yet? I’m in the mood for some heresy.

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Huh, I thought it was Julia that was Hedge’s new helper.

Well, have fun. I suggest developing a drinking problem, taking up cocaine, or any other kind of behavior that takes you away from this hellpit. I say that as someone who’s a part of said hellpit, and not a nice, kind, fuzzy-wuzzy part either.

Fatshart are going to make your job hilariously hard. They do not do a good job of keeping a community even remotely content. Once again, saying that as someone who throws feces at the devs every chance I get because they like falling face first into them a lot as of late. I don’t envy you, so, hope you’re getting paid well!


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Hedge most likely had to get a new assistant just because of you JLB.


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the funny thing is that JLB rages so hard but he still sticks around.

you just know that he loves the game.

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If JLB does not follow the game that you love, then everything will not survive

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