Darktide Discord "Views on Bans/Ban Appeal Questions"

Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to get info on the discord and its views on bans.

So far, a few people have been outright banned for breaking one of the rules on the discord.
No warnings, no appeals, no ability to defend yourself for most of these people.

In the end I can only ask questions since my friend got permanently banned for making one comment that just happened to be a political comment that was directed at no one from what I saw.

One of the rules are “no politics”, and though I understand that it is in the end a discord server where people say many things in the heat of passion and there should be more warnings than just permanently banning someone for making a singular comment rather against the rules or not.

This has given me a negative view on the Fatshark Members for it was one of the CM’s of the discord who outright banned my friend for this without any kind of warning. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth when you can support a community so much but make one mistake and your just banned permanently without a way to appeal.

Idk if anyone from the Fatshark community can answer if there is a way to appeal or defend yourself in the end, or even if a Fatshark member can answer this. I just feel this is kind of a hostile way to treat people who make one mistake and who want to support the community. It doesn’t give people the vibe that they care about their community members in my opinion.

Regardless, if there is any kind of support or information, I can get about the Darktide Discord’s Ban info and if there is a way to appeal that’d be great.

Not really any reason to hang out anywhere that strict.


It’s a public discord that gives lots of info about the games upcoming features and you can ask people about their experiences.

I feel with a community that is so reliant on it they’d have a more lenient system for those who wish to use it for its many useful features.

From a few other reports on being banned that I’ve read it seems one CM of their discord “which a CM is like close to a Fatshark Employee in a way” is the one permanently banning people for breaking one rule. In the end I can only hope something can be discussed about it.

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Contact a Community Manager, you can ask them to review the ban and perhaps unban your friend. Your friend could also ask them directly.

Other then that, behave on the discord and steer clear of politics especially, people tend to become very irrational when anything political that they disagree with gets brought up.

That’s useful, thanks. I would still like to know more about their discords ban info. I guess I’ll just wait a bit and see if I can get him unbanned.

I can only hope there will be a chance to discuss this with one of the CM’s. Maybe I can get more info there.

You can DM with your friend’s name.

CMs are fatshark employees and have the ability to revert bans, though I suspect your friend’s ban is from a mod.

Not playing devil’s advocate, but discord mods are not fatshark CMs, although CMs can mod the discord too.

His discord tag is Thrax#0590. He said he sent you a message but got no response.

I looked up the CM names and idk if it’s true or not, but the last person to respond to him was apparently Hedge before he got perma banned. He just assumed it was him.

We live in the same complex and use the same internet so I can’t access the discord either since it’s an IP ban. I was there and all I know was the political statement after that we lost access to the discord.

I have no message from Thrax, nor does it look like Hedge instituted his ban. It does, however, look like your friend got hit with a ban for comments with not so vague racist and sexist undertones, however.

Edit: he just messaged me.

I don’t remember him saying anything racist, and he claims that he made a statement to someone who wanted to silence him for speaking too much as he says, “like a bro”. In his context it apparently means like some kind of man-on-man bonding through speech.

In the end I saw his statements they were mainly him claiming he wanted to be able to speak freely and if people got offended by his specific way of speaking they should just not acknowledge him since the discord is a public place. The person just happened to be a woman, and he did state women are not something he would like to be silenced by but followed up by it didn’t matter if you were a woman, or man, or what race you were.

I’m digging into this further, but I always stress caution when appealing bans via forum posts fwiw, as it can just make thing worse in places everyone can see.

Very well I won’t discuss it further. I can only hope more can be done about it.