Whats the point of community

Correct me if im wrong but i never seen a single thread with such brilliant idea implemented to the game. If saving money and time is so important why not just close the forum and sold the domain.
AAA game titles deserve their reputation and fanship not just because the game play is satisfying but also the fact they listen to the crowd.
Why not just close this thread already just as others with fatshark against elements ended.
Sincerely, this company havent learn anything in past years and kept the brainless faith within. Such a ego pride, foolish, careless and laziness. No more words to say.


Hey, they brought back the “BLESS THIS RAVAGED BODY” line due to popular demand, and the chandelier from the Red Moon Inn!

More seriously, I don’t think any big game companies really take (m)any requests directly from fans. I would kinda like to see them maybe poll us a bit in the future to get our thoughts on what potential new stuff we’d like to see. I guess it could kill a lot of surprise, though, if everyone and their mother votes for x and then we get x announced.


Warframe, For Honor, Monster Hunter World, and etc.
Better play these.

I think you are mistaking the word of the people for the word of a game-tester. The biggest AAA titles have forums and threads, but most of what the population brings up isn’t something that gets implemented because they brought it up. The same things are brought up by testers, devs, and then filtered through executives and managers. Everything we do is filtered a few times, then someone at the top of the food chain decides what they have time to do.

You’ll also note that any quality of life features always come after big-fixes; not because they were brought up in that order, but because that’s what a manager proposed to project lead, then the project lead prioritized it.

FatShark doesn’t have 500 people paid to provide feedback to them; they’ve got us :slight_smile: they do their best, we do our best, and we get cool stuff :smiley:


They must have a quantum filter it seems.

I know it’s the most cliché answer anyone can possibly give in the history of ever and I already prematurely despise myself for even thinking about it, but if you don’t enjoy the game, you don’t actually have to play it.

No one is forcing you to do so.

If you enjoy those games you mentioned more, just play those.

Gaming is, at it’s core, entertainment. The game is supposed to entertain (though I will admit that I use it more as an excuse to shitepost, which is in of itself infinitely more entertaining), and if it fails in that purpose, I wouldn’t recommend you to continue playing it.

“If it’s not fun, why bother?” - Hannibal Barca, trying to siege Rome during the Second Punic War. Probably.

The best comparison I can draw is that it’s kind of like jacking it to something you don’t even enjoy. Nothing good is going to come out of it (pun not intended). Find something else that’s fun for you and play that.

People come up with a lot of cool suggestions for the game, but I don’t recall a time where I’ve looked at something someone suggested and thought: “This should take precedence over anything else”.

Fatshark is currently busy trying to make Winds of Magic as good as it can possibly be, and even though we only thought it would include the Beastmen, new weapons, new difficulty, and the Weave mode at first, they come at us with a full cinematic trailer, a new map, major gameplay changes to the fundamental game mechanics, and a rework of the talent system to boot.

It’s very ambitious, and I’m afraid that’s going to prove its downfall, as a lot of people are already voicing their concerns over it (myself included). I still stand by the statement that the expansion should have been split into two, one for the Beastmen, and one for a fully-fleshed out Weave mode, unlike the rather lackluster one we currently have.

It would’ve allowed for the people at Fatshark to focus on one thing at a time rather than having to divide their attention getting everything to work properly, and it would’ve allowed us, the consumers, to get some of the content sooner, as the release date they’ve placed for Winds of Magic is all the way over in August (and that’s only if everything goes according to plan).

On top of all of this, Fatshark also announced the Versus thingy, which, even though it sounds like a rather simple concept on paper, can prove to be quite a challenge as well (especially if they decide to make it a standalone game, as they’ve said their plan is at the moment).

The community might not have much of a say in new stuff being implemented right now because Fatshark’s hands are already more than full at the moment. Our purpose right now (at least for the ones that made it into the beta) is to test it and provide the best feedback we can.

There’s sadly not much else we can do.

I’ve my own pet peeves about Fatshark (and a lot of other game studios, as I’m sure most others also have), but it’s the rarest of instances where ad hominem serves to improve the situation, rather than just escalate it further.


And that sweet new maps are just revamp of exist one. How sweet it is honey?
Sure no one will notice me dont play the game but how wonderful it is to abandon a man who disappointed. The silliest and most hilarious single advice in this year. Society cant be exist without its people who stand back. Supress the voice of crowd is just an temporary solution that cant be maintain.
Fatshark is full hand right now? Then why dont they hire employees. Oh wait i get it, its because expected result of work is so little as they lost most of playerbase long ago. Yet shark’s bare hands are dwarf’s and have silly ears and eyes too.

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I think this situation can be described with a proverb: “A small spoon of tar in the barrel of honey”.
This game is good enough to be appealing, but some of it’s parts spoiling the experience.


Uh yeah no.
Weaves are reused asset of existing maps, sometimes extended in some parts, going where we never went, which might suprise you, but require more work than just opening a door. The floor we never been able to go may not have hitboxes, same as the environnement that until then served as decoration.

IN ADDITION TO THAT, we get a completely new map that wasn’t shown in the beta.

Fatshark actually hire people, I’ve seen a few announcement posted on Twitter (and I would have answered if I wasn’t still a student xD)

And about the game company that listen to their player :
(I’ve at the very least 300h in each of the games you mentioned)
-Digital Extreme does listen to their community it’s true. And I can’t argue with the whole point here, Digital Extreme is actually imo one of the best video game company as it stands. Sadly you can’t expect any company to be the best, and while people should take inspiration from them, you can’t expect every company to be at DE level.
-Ubisoft just granted us Spectator mode after 3 years, but other than that, just as Fatshark, they still implement new bugs with every patch, and don’t delivers fixes. Faction War is still as boring as Tribute or Skirmish, they came to E3 with a trailer for the event and THAT’S IT. They’re way worse than Fatshark for balancing (out of the now 24 character, 2 are “reworked” every 3 month and it’s rarely a good rework).
-Capcom did deliver good with MHW, and Iceborne seems to listen to people with Master rank and new moves. Sure you could say they’re listening to us. But as @Torantolis said… Do you really think they never planned to introduce their usual G-rank in the game and we made them do it by asking ?

Anyway, the forums were and are still a great way for developpers to see our feedback, and to actually compare them to their vision of the game. It’s our game as much as it’s their game.


I dislike how ubisoft balance out heroes too but least they trying to show off people what theyre workin’ on and thats much better than being silence. I didnt know about such in depth details of dlc maps so you did point it well. But after all that its true shark’s communication and management is a far beyond logic compare to companies youve mentioned. Not sayin every forum is meaningless but shark’s.

Jesus dude, your hitting very high levels of salt, it’s going to throw off your alkaline balance. How about this, why don’t you wait for the expansion to drop before you pass judgment. Fatshark has been activally listening to our feedback and making major tweaks to the beta. As for hiring more staff, they just bought an entire design company late last year and brought the staff on board to help.

U wut m8? No u

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So we cant expect any thoughts to be added ingame outside of purchasable product?

What? What do you mean?

According to your words they do listen beta feedbacks but as far as i know they didnt back in time. Thus i assume shark only listen to people when it comes to money.

What are you talking about? People complained about the beam staff Pyro, they nerfed it. During the big balance beta they nearly did every single change we asked for to the WHC and other classes. Like seriously, nearly every change. We asked for the WHC to get more HP, they increased it from 100. We asked for buffs to his tag, they did. Even before that, people complained about the WS regen, they capped it at 50%.

During this beta they did 4 patches in 1 week changing things that the majority complained about via the feed back forum. You seem to have an axe to grind and you’re just lashing out while making very little sense.


You only listed what they did well huh?
Wheres the state view feature?
Axe and falchion nerf?
Drake fire nerf?
Proper designed bogenhafen skins?
Vm1 skin that still override helm?
Vet item dupes?
Better reroll?
Helm that doesn’t even match clothes?
Whats the point of mods if wont sanctioned?
(Damage indicator, dodge meter and etc)
And so on.
I may seems blind about good works but you also blind about bad works.

Drakefire was nerfed via removing Irondrake talent (Less overheat).

So… they are not perfect is what you’re trying to say? That’s a pretty high bar you’re setting. You are willing to ignore everything that they have done right, and instead focus only on the negative. I think that sheds a lot more light on your character than their flaws.

As for the nerfs, Lol, wait for the WoM update, there is still weeks of beta testing left. Just have some faith that the community and the Devs know what they are doing balance wise.


While the general tone of some of this thread is quite acidic, I suppose I could agree that it appears many many ongoing and fairly obvious bugs and balance issues that have been widely and systematically discussed and highlighted by the community are pushed by the wayside for new content, when it is quite reasonable to expect that some of the things mentioned during streams could have been a big part of the WoM changes but are non existent or on a back burner. Crafting changes, Deeds reworks and Emporium of Wonders are the first things off the top of my head.

There has been a steady and consistent effort to balance the current game which was then completely rebuilt from the ground up during the Beta and any of the work done over the last year has been utterly changed.

Of course FS are going to spend time making balance changes to the beta build and acting on the feedback, that’s the point of the Beta.

I suppose, in a very confrontational way @anon31175957 might be expressing frustration that there is still so much that could do with a lot of attention but FS appear to have invested a lot of time in completely changing the fundamental game and failing to address some of the communities long-standing moans - Crafting being a big one. I don’t know whether @anon31175957 was part of the Beta, but expressing deep disappointment or frustration when something is so completely different is somewhat understandable.

And I think Nintendo have absolutely no online social media presence and take absolutely no feedback from their customers, either through official or fan-made web pages or websites and never have.


I’m not a big fan of replying to these threads that somewhat seem to lack focus and contain a bit too much toxicity, but I’ll offer you some feedback from another very active user. I’ve participated in all the beta testing after game launch (open but not internal beta in WoM), I’ve been spending too much time on the forums, read all the patch notes (and seen way too many streams) and, more importantly, played all the patch content (including beta patches). I stopped playing for a couple of weeks/months because I was done with all the current content and only returned in time for WoM beta.

I agree to almost a 100% with SmokerT69 in what he writes in this thread about the devs listening and applying changes and mostly I feel like all these rants are coming from people that haven’t actually followed the development of the game. It started out rough with bad community handling and it was riddled with bugs but they learned all their lessons as far as I’m concerned. They’re changing and adapting based on the feedback they receive, even when it’s in the form of super toxic behaviour (not this thread but what followed from the roadmap etc.). It’s impossible to please everyone but everything they’ve rolled out so far has been in a generally good direction. It’s also impossible to do everything at once, so sure some stuff are most certainly on the to do list but less prioritized (deed rework, Lohner’s emporium) but it’s not our job to prioritize for the devs. We can raise our concern and we can disagree but it’s not like they’re not working on stuff. -> WoM = balance, talents, game mechanics, new faction, new weapons, new game mode, new adventure map. Maybe it would’ve been better to not implement everything at once but maybe they have their reasons for doing it. They’re also reworking their current game package on steam to implement everything smoother after DLC releases etc.

Moving on to the list I’d say that sure, not everything is prioritized and not everything will ever be implemented because there is disparity within the community and the devs also have opinions. I’m not sure what you’re asking for with the *state view feature. The *axe and falchion is boudn to be nerfed or balanced in relation to the other weapons and game mechanics in WoM. *Drake Fire rework is coming in WoM, judging from new talent aspirations. *Proper designed Bögenhafen skins, not gonna happen but maybe lesson well learned for the future? (no big skin pack release after Bögen dlc). *VM1 skin overriding helm (cosmetics def. not prioritized, probably why Lohner’s emporium is low on the list too). *Vet. item dupes, design decision from devs. Lacking red weapon types pretty much solved by red dust and skins might even be included in Lohner’s emp. *Reroll mechanics has been somewhat addressed (rerolling speed) but I agree that it shoudl be taken further, I don’t agree with it being a huge priority though. *Helms are also cosmetics. *Mod sanctioning has been mentioned (anniversary stream?) and I’m pretty sure it was stated that Robin has a lot of other things on his plate, should maybe be more prioritized as to not kill the modding community but still prio.
What are you missing in regards to damage indicators and dodge meter? Dodge as a mechanic is currently being reworked as well.

Anyhow. These are some thoughts from a faithful community member. Faithful in the sense that I’ve been investing time in trying content and checking on progress in certain areas, community wants etc. I play all careers and most weapons so this view is not focused solely on a single build or setup.