Whats the point of community

Axe and falchion isnt really broken by itself as much as a result of synergy with Zealot, so its likely that Fatshark didnt want to hit Zealot only to accidentally hit WHC and BH at the same time.

Or kill Zealots ability to use other weapons that are still balanced on him.

Then it was probably too much work to do some manner of “career specific” weapon balance with other ongoing things at hand.

Drake fire was nerfed.

Bögenhafen skins are recolors same as most others? What´d ya expect from a basically dirt cheap expansion loaded with a lot of different content?

Vermintide 1 …legacy? Skins are meant to be the way they are.

Getting duplicates of veteran items is fine when they have a 22% droprate from legend emperor chests and you can scrap them for parts.

Better reroll? Get veteran items and you can only ever roll the best stats even if it takes a few tries to get the combinations you want.

I am with you on the entire “helm doesnt match the rest” though.

And you gotta realize fatshark has to be extremely careful about sanctioning mods, several of the ones they already let through even cause the game to crash because minor issue´s in code, extremely slow but steady is the name of the game.

Why should we have a damage indicator in game? Kills immersion pretty hard, settle for the dummies and lets hope they actually add mods like “armory” one into the game proper when there is time.

Man if you want a real flop game with tons of issue´s go look at Warhammer : Chaosbane.

Mhm i wonder why Fatshark will add/added this stuff : BtU, cata difficulty, throwable axe, more tanky hordes,talent rebalance etc…

Btw you re confusing “community” with “feedback”, obviously there are exemples of FS not listening to us (crafting overhole :slight_smile: etc… ) but you cant completly deny them the fact they did some the things “we” wanted.

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these extreme happiness circuit are just gone mad?

We all prioritize differently but no matter how you look at it’s hard to come to the conclusion that nothing has been fixed and that no community feedback is reaching the devs and making it into the game. Try reading through the last part of my post and see if it might change your mind. If you want to know the reasoning behind it then read the first part.

sure they’re not completely impaired yet your reasoning of “devs have opinions too, thus bogenhafen and lacks of QoL / improvement wont likely come to game ever instead theyll take this as lessons” was kind of gone mad. what a great teacher are they aye? learn and teach by themselves.

I’m not sure I follow but the point of the thread is community feedback and that you feel like the devs aren’t listening. If the community would’ve been super satisfied with reskins like those from Bögenhafen Fatshark would’ve most likely released more (easy content). The community wasn’t satisfied however and the devs haven’t released any more content like that and haven’t focused on those kinds of cosmetics (priorities?). What they did do cosmetics wise is the keep decorations. Sure, one can say “too little, too late” but it was something the community really asked for. And yes, the paintings were supposed to be in there from the beginning but they didn’t work properly back then.

When it comes to quality of life we’re not quite where most of the community want to be but, as stated, some QoL improvements have been squeezed in as well.

Again, I’m not quite sure I understand, but what I’m saying is that they’re reacting to the feedback from the community in many regards. If you feel like they’re not prioritizing what you want in this game then maybe you should find some other game and come back to Vermintide later, if you feel like it, and see if the current state of the game satisfies you then.


such an impressive example of a happiness circuit.
and sure ill take a break while current game doesn’t satisfy myself.

To quote one of of my favourite lines from Aquanox 2 (translated):
‘If something looks like rotting seaweed and smells like rotting seaweed, then, by neptune, it might damn well be rotting seaweed.’
Maybe people are satisfied with the progress because they have a reason to do so. Patience, my friend.
Unrelated edit:
Favourite line is (translated): ‘So you save some ass’s life, and he thanks you by farting in your face.’


What the point of this thread? - to express a controversial point and see everyone will agree and praise the author’s extraordinary point of view. As a result, OP met the opposite and called it “example of a happiness circuit” instead of confessing the flaw of the original argument.
There were a lot of changes in the game that was a direct result of community feedback. You have to be blind to miss it. Lack or pace of these changes doesn’t deny their existence.

This thread has come to an (un)natural conclusion.