Fatshark listen to the community pls!

Its almost been 2 months since release and although many bugs and glitches have been addressed by FS, there are still A LOT of design and gameplay issues which plague this otherwise awsome game. I’ve been lurking the forums for a couple of months now and i always find the same complains, so i tought to put SOME, not all of them, in a somewhat comprehensive list, so tell me what you think of them, but please keep in mind that im doing this not because i think its cool to hate on the game, but because i REALLY f***ing love this game, and i want to finally share my thoughts. So please, if you disagree please be civil.

    This is something that has been bothering me for quite a while. Mainly because it’s already somewhat implemented, through the dummies, but as many people already stated they are simply not enough. We need an option in the menu, to toggle stats on and off, by “stats” i mean: players health, damage, dps, buffs from abilities and items, the health of enemies, drop chances for red and cosmetics items ecc ecc. This WOULD GREATLY help out the community, and it would allow us to test out different weapons, builds, playstyles, items combinations, and tactics.

    I’ve seen around 4 different posts talking about this in the last few days, so why not post a fifth?This problem is very simple in nature, but its very degrading for the game. It doesnt allow players to change/test out different builds/gear combinations. This is simply because players run out of the bloody dust and they can’t change the properties of the weapons anymore, thus making them unble to “roll” for new ones. This is isnt so much a problem for newer players, since they’ll be playing on lower difficulties which reward green dust fairly regularly, but once you get to a higher level, and you switch to higher difficulties the dust becomes more and more rare to a point in which you simply run out of it, forcing you to go and grind green dust on lower difficulties for hours on end. You can see how such a system is in dire Need of change.

    I dont know all the particulars of the classes and talents, so sorry if i won’t be very specific, but as many people already have made clear there are talents and classes that are simply uninspired, useless, broken or boring. For exemple: unchained, shades main ability, huntsman and ranger abilities, but as i said i dont know the specifics mainly because i dont play these classes, but if you do a quick search on the forums you’ll see what i mean.


Where to start… I honestly dont know, the entire game is based on RNG, so changing it entirely would undoubtedly result in disaster, but what if we could change some key elements a tiny bit, just to make the game a lot more enjoyable? I think its possible. The loot system for exemple is in dire need of tweaking. Do something for me, go on the forums main page, and in the search bar type in “cosmetics” or “red” and try to count all the posts that complain about the complete lack of rewards and the utter frustration from trying to get either cosmetics , red items or any worth while reward for playing the game especially on legendary . Honestly its astonishing, its been 2 months since release, and every single day since then people have complained about the loot system, and how ridiculously hard you have to grind to get even one special item, and FS has been completely silent, making the frustration only rise, to point which it has made the game boring to play. There needs to be an increase in the drop chance for these kinds of items, or players will continue to abbandon the game in rows.

If you have any other suggestions or if you want to discuss any of the points i made then im more then happy to chat with you.


Dude, did you read this post? You seem to have searched the forum before posting, so you should have seen it.

So my question is - why did you bother writing all this stuff? If the devs didn’t listen even to that, if the didn’t listen to hundreds of posts, that came before and after it, then why would anyone listen to you?

I am asking only, because you said, that you’ve searched the forum. Most other people just post their ideas, because the feel like it; because they want to share their opinion and they don’t care about anyone’s reaction - and that I can understand. But you, why did you even bother after searching the forum?

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Yes, i did read the post, but many things in it were superfluous in my opinion, so i wanted to narrow down the important ones in a small list. As to why i even bothered, well, if you constantly bring attention to a problem or several (as in this case) chances are that at some point the devs will finally listen, uless they want to enrage even further the player base. Also this is a forum about feedback, i gave mine, there is no limit or rules about giving your opinions, so even if there is another post talking about similar things i dont see why i shouldn’t be able to underline the same issues while giving my take on them.


Not trying to argument cause I’m getting tired to do so, but just a quick word passing by.
The game is 2 month old, not 3 :stuck_out_tongue:
Have a nice day :smiley:


I did not mean that you can’t do that, I just mean that this is likely just a waste of time. But okay, I got you. Though after spending some time at the forum I don’t think any of this is going to work.


i just want the Damn 2maps and workshop they promise


Lol my bad :smile:


why not? the devs have constantly been putting out patches to address the issues that have been brought up.

the only problem is that they’re obviously bogged down by the amount of it all, and most people aren’t happy with the rate at which they’re churning out bugfixes and features.

don’t see why further feedback should be discouraged, there was one dev post saying that they do read all this stuff, just that they don’t like to engage in the conversation to allow for more discussion among players. i say bring on the feedback! even if it’s repeated. just not by the same person over and over daily on the same topic, lol.


I can only recall them nerfing stuff j_sat’s been using.

People want dust, reds and cosmetics, not bug fixes.

And government says, that inflation is a good thing, and beneficial to each and everyone. So what? You’re free to say anything - that’s you basic right.

Also even if they (one community manager) read everything, it doesn’t mean that they care about it (listen to that one guy).

I see what you mean, but no one have ever done such a thing at the forum, I am sorry.


the name krazykruber springs to mind lol (posted daily about the same thing for like 7 days straight or something)

god, i really should get off this forum rofl.

Sorry, not all people want that, some people want patrols to stop getting stuck and enemies popping out of thin air more than they want cosmetics and dust.

buffs to handguns, buffs to fireball, conflag staffs, buffs for weapon cleave and enemy mass reduction making light weapons viable, xbow buffs, flamethrower buffs, flail buff, axe buffs…

i don’t want to seem argumentative, but i like to provide counterpoints to any argument if i feel they are missing out on facts.


thats what I’ve been thinking since tech beta is over…

@Topic: FS alrdy told in other posts that they will listen more to the comunity but prior is a stable game. And I agree, not all players are driven by rewards at the end of a mission… I’ve met some cool guys having fun with challenging deeds (even if we failed 10 times in a row). others knowing bout exploit with skittergate but playing it proper, the part of the community just enjoying this game may be as huge as all the “gimme more reds”-kiddos…but they dont visit this forum


The game is getting more and more stable, there comes a point where they should also start caring about the dying population, which is not gonna come back just for a couple of bug fixes.


Is it wrong to ask for some reward for playing the game for hundreds of hours ? Especially for higer difficulties? I myself have stopped playing the game two weeks ago, exactly for this reason. Gameplay alone can only entertain you for so long.


that is where we have different minds…i dont even care bout the reward, I simple like the challenges

it is, cause of the changes they made and since i check this forum nearly on a daily base there are still a lot of fixes which need to be done. all those players who only care for dust/reds/cos seem to say that the game is in a good status. But what bout all the others, not able to join friends, backenderrors etc…

maybe they should take a middle path, but I wouldnt mind if the drops stay like this…I mean sure opening 177(!) Com-Chests not a single cosmetic could be frustrating… but i dont mind since I get 1-2 reds a day with ~15 legend boxes (and most reds are crap, like 2h sword on elf or duplicates)… this aint rewarding too, getting the worst possible stuff and then 2-3 times…doesnt matter, got a orange deed done on leg, awesome team had fun

That’s completely fine with me, although i hope you know that you are in a minority, otherwise 65000 people wouldn’t have stopped playing.

Honestly if you take a look at what’s out there (other games) this one is in a very good status. I’ve yet to have a hard crash, and the games runs smoothly 90% of the time, and when there are more people complaining for the lack of rewards/content then there are people complaining about bugs, then you need to start shifting your priorities towards making some new content/rewards.

I dont even need to say anything , you did it for me.

I agree completely, that’s why people want more red items, to make it rewarding again.


where does that number come from? atm steamchart says bout 28k players, over all peak 73k…
I admit still a huge number but just wondered bout the 65000.
And I also guess since v2 had a big boost in all media etc there might be some players missing now who just dont like the game at all ^^

thats true, but that is what makes FS games, I would hate em if they start like others

and they wanted to bring the dlc end of april begin of march, something must have gone wrong but I bet they’re into it right now (we’re still missing dedicated servers 2) so they are shifting their prior.
BTW: when the orinigal first version of the roadmap appeared I had a discussion here on the board with one of 'em. He told me there would be 2 teams inside FS, 1 for bugs other for dlc and this stuff…

yeah I did say it…but I’m not frustrated at all I see it with an lauching eye

The last point of me was…even if u would get more reds, the posibillity of having doups or the “bad” ones still exists, wouldnt be much better in my opinion

last but not least, I can understand ur points, but again thats where we differ, maybe u can try to have fun even without reward :smiley:

If you look at the steamcharts, current players are “4911” compared to the “73203” in march. That’s 68,292 people that stopped playing the game. Im not saying that if there were more cosmetics or better rewards the population would have stayed the same, but it surely would have helped.

It would be nice if they made an official post about it, and not relate such important informations in a godforsaken post.

That’s good, but there still A LOT of people that would like it changed.

That’s true, the best option would be to put a system in place that prevents the player from reciving such duplicates while releasing new red items.

I can understand your points as well. But until more content/balancing is done, im afraid i will be taking a break from the game.


I think they run out of ressources because they cannot deliver stuff in time and barely comment to any suggestions ^^

So for all the enthusiasts in this forum, they currently look for technical animators (:

It’s never to late! :blush:

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No we can’t, thank you. Please realize this already.

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