Fatshark listen to the community pls!

Fatshark does listen to the “community.” Unfortunately, they listen to a different part of it than you or I represent. I like your list, but the unfortunate reality is that if you’re not a streamer or recognized pro player, then you’re not part of the “community” Fatshark is balancing and building the game towards.

The trick here is to get Fatshark to pay attention to the right voices. Not sure how you refocus their attention away from people who have to play the game as part of their streamer jobs. Ignoring tens of thousands of players to focus on a handful of elite streamers is very frustrating.


The concept of catering to a specific few players blows my mind. I don’t think the average customer could care less about any streamers, particularly in a PVE game. If that’s what they keep doing, they can kiss their revenue goodbye.

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I dont think they are ignoring the majority of the player base, that’s just nonsensical and stupid from FS . I just think that they are bad at communicating, i mean i wouldn’t even had made the post in the first place, if they gave a sign that they were aware of all these issues. It’s the silence that angers people.

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Uh… evidence?

But what if they have nothing good to say? What if they’re not bad at communication, but they know, that things are so bad, that being silent is the best option?

I dont think that’s case, otherwise they wouldn’t continue to patch the game. I personally don’t think there is some sort of conspiracy behind all of this.

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I agree with OPs main points, and I think a more narrowed focus on this is a better approach than most.

I think people are getting a bit . . . conspiracy theory-ish about why they don’t comment as much. I think they’re waaaay more conservative about commenting now because people tend to jump on them when they do say anything, and people often take things said in a very loose interpretation that then becomes accepted as fact. There’s also just FAR more to respond to; I remember during the beta being able to get most questions I directed at devs answered, within a few hours. Now they’d have to spend all their time to be able to give that kind of attention just due to sheer numbers.

And frankly, the community itself has changed massively from the pre-launch days or from the late stage of VT1, when they were much more communicative, and not necessarily for the better.

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@Osvi, please. You can’t just call every statement conspiracy if you do not like it. Also they would stop patching if the game was in a very bad shape… what?!

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I dont dislike you statement, they way you phrased your earlier post made me think of it that way.

See what i mean? I didn’t try to ridicule your opinion, it’s just that you should try to look at things more objectively, and seeing their lack of communication as some sort of way to “hide” the deficiencies of the game, when they have been striving to make it better trough recent patches defenitly isn’t.

So your assumption, that “they are bad at communicating” is objective; and my assumption “they’re not bad at communication” is subjective… and conspiracy… and implies, that the devs are trying to "hide the deficiencies of the game!

Great logic, bro. :+1:

“I am right, and you are reptilian spy Russian hacker racist, because you have different opinion” ™


No need to be passive aggressive about it, we are talking about a game, so chill out.

It is objective, because if they were good at it then there wouldn’t be 20 posts similar to mine.

Assuming and implying about something is subjective. And you theory about them avoiding such issues is also subjective. It might be right, it might be wrong, but its not objective.

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You actually said :

So I know you’re going to come again with the “don’t put things I didn’t say in my mouth” (because you always do), but everytime you post a new message, you are contradicting yourself.
You didn’t say that FS is “bad at communication”, you literally said that they had to be silent because the content/news are bad

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Dude, I love this forum! It is full of some of the greatest examples of human thinking process. This is even greater than this post, which I never expected to be overcome.


No, I did say that FS “chose” to be silent, not “had” to be silent. That’s a great difference, you know. Also, and this is kinda important, also I said, “what if”. This was just an assumption my friend.

So yes:

Thank you.

I am not dumb. I know what I say, and I clearly see when someone is trying to pervert it.


So there is one major question that this raise actually.
-You don’t like how FS prioritize their problem (bugs less important than content according to you)
-You don’t enjoy playing the game for the gameplay, only for the rewards (see above)
-You don’t seem to like a lot of the community (seeing how aggressive you are on every post)
What are you actually fighting for ? If you are just trying to make rewards better on Vermintide, but don’t enjoy playing the core game (rewards aren’t really the main point, Fashion-tide is really under-developped right now, and even tho a few illusions and cosmetics isn’t what I call a main point), well sorry but this will never happen. I mean sure rewards problems will be fixed, but I’m pretty sure gameplay fixes will ALWAYS be more important than rewards fixes to Fatshark, and a huge part of the community.

And yes, I know rewards are part of the gameplay, I just don’t find the word to define “playable content”, which contain fighting, AI, spawn director, news maps and ennemies, news weapon type, and balance.


Rewards are an integral part of the end game experience and the terrible crafting combined with the ridiculous RNG is a big source of dissatisfaction. People aren’t leaving because the game isn’t fun, they’re leaving because it’s a mess in a number of fundamental ways.


I am fighting for all the good things and against all the bad things. For knowledge and education, and against ignorance and arrogance. For the future of this game and for the jobs of its creators. And for the love and peace on the whole globe of course.


I love the way you took my phrase to prove a point. When a couple of posts later i said this.

Please, dont use the same argument when i already answered it, but let’s stop this senseless debate , and let’s refocus on the original post.


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