Lots of people quitting it seems

With the hours some of you guys have managed to put in, I can’t help but think it’s no wonder you’re hitting a brick wall. Averaging 10 hours a day on a single game isn’t healthy and how anyone would reasonably expect more value for money without giving the developers time to improve/release content is beyond me.

And, before anyone says “it shouldn’t have been released in this state” give some credit where credit is due… It can’t be all bad if you’ve sunk hundreds of hours in to a 3 week old game, right?


If your group of friends pumped out 100-200 hours each then it’s no surprise they are taking a break/quitting. This isn’t a mmo. Sure it has a loot grind mechanic and therefore you can grind a long one for the items you want. (As it should be). There are people still grinding away in diablo 3. Playing seasons and still grinding for gear. I would prefer the developers to keep stuff rare and just continue to add more options on getting chests/loot.


Please bear :bear: in mind that not everyone is “casul”.

For some people spending 10 hours a day gaming is absolutely normal and dont have problem with it.
When I remember my early 2000 gaming time I sometimes even skipped school just to stay online.

People are talking about grinding but this loot system cant even be considered annoying compared to real grinding games.

And when you talk about MMOs, in WoW after 200 hours you can be rank 1 in PvP arenas and have whole end game tier of PvE equip, after 200 hours here you probably didnt even get a single cosmetic item.

Dont measure everything based on yourself :balance_scale:.


Meh, it’s not a concern yet. Every game has huge losses of new players in the first 3 months they play. Once it levels out we can judge better, right now it’s all pure speculation and emotion.

People also come back in droves for big updates. Over a year after release No Mans Sky hit like top 20 of steam due to a big update. And that’s one of the most vilified games in recent years.


giggles in DoW3


I don’t think V2 will end up like DoW3, that game tried to grab the fans of both the first and second series, while also trying to make it a twitch consumable e-sport and it just failed on virtually all levels.

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That game had a much much more negative reception and ratings as well as a fraction of the interest.

Seems like a bit of a flawed comparison. Let me provide a better one from a successful game: Terraria. Check those Steam Charts.


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Except that Terraria is a completly different gerne where your creativity is a huge part of the game, not to mention the unbelievable amount of boss encounters for such a game.
Still cant believe they are patching it to this day.

The point is, the internet is not forgiving and I would rather have FS getting more / constant players so we get appropriate DLC content.

And your example of Dawn of War 3 somehow is not?


Sequel to a popular game/genre.
A warhammer game, important part here is GW behind the license.
Both with receeding playerbase in the first few months, from spikes with 70k, to 45k to 25k players in terms of Vermintide 2.

Soooooo, different genres then. (Your own argument). With less interest by far and very negative ratings, far FAR worse rated than Vermintide 2.

Dawn of War 3: steamcharts.com/app/285190
Store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/285190/Warhammer_40000_Dawn_of_War_III/

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So you are still dodging the point where we lost 50k players in less then a month then … ?
Not to mention that I already exlained that Terraria lives from your creativity, where as DoW 3 just railroads you, same with Vermintide 2.

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It’s not a point. More people play at the same time on newly released games and patches, people even go as far as taking time off, then they settle into their normal play rythms…which means less peak players. This is part of normal release behavior.

You also have those who try the game, spend 2 hours and stop or those who spend 200 hours in a single month and stop.

This is why it has to level out first to get real data.

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In evry game there is people who buy then stop playing after moonth…even in WoW
Its aways like this, its nothing to worry about.

I would agree if the people im referring to didn’t have 1000+ hours in V1

If they had 1,000+ hours in V1 then they either went through the many broken things when that game launched OR they came in after it was polished up and in a good state. If it’s the 1st then they are using a different standard of judgement and if it’s the second then they should return in a few months so they can have a similarly smooth and polished experience.

By what you said in the OP, I’m leaning heavily towards the second. HOWEVER, if that’s their opinion/choice then I HEAVILY advise that they stop buying games on release. Both to not support practices they do not agree with (vote with their wallets) and to spend more of their time having full enjoyment of what they play.

Every time you buy a game in beta/release you are rolling the dice in the current state of the gaming industry. If you want to avoid bugs and tell the game industry that releasing with this many bugs is not ok, stop buying at release.

To get in front of “V1 was not as bad at release”: https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/284228/Postmortem_Fatsharks_Warhammer_End_Times__Vermintide.php

When the devs themselves bag on it, you know it had issues. And I loved V1, but it released with serious issues. To those who would say “but they did the same thing again, they didn’t learn!”: this is their second time to go through that full process. You don’t become an expert in 2 goes. Vermintide 2 is larger and more complex and they were closer this time to having a fully fleshed game that was polished. They just didn’t quite button up the polished part. But this time they’ll spend a few months polishing instead of adding needed core game features like the Age of Sigmar expansion/DLC.


I’ll never understand this attitude being repeated among such a tiny percent of people even on game forums. It really signifies a certain personality type because normal people aren’t going around being entitlement detectives. “Oh no! I have an entitled attitude I’m such a bad person and my argument is invalid!”

Do me a favor and just stop using that as some sort of argument, dudeseph.

Companies are not entitled to my money. If they want me to continue to buy their products, then I expect a certain level of service and quality. If a company is unable or unwilling to provide that, then I’ll spend my money elsewhere. That’s called competition. This is how our market economy works. Companies are not entitled to make whatever they want regardless of what the market wants, and still expect the market to subsidize the company’s designers ‘vision’.

Fatshark has made some good responses to feedback, but it seems pretty apparent there’s some disarray and they need to hear loud criticism. Stuff like the power bug, less elites from director, wildly inconsistent design choices (player respawn and stashes in some boss rooms but not others), bugs left over from v1, worse ui and removed features like item chests at start of lvl from v1.

People at Fatshark thought it would be a good idea to make these changes, or they were done by new employees who wanted to add their personal touch to the sequel. And Fatshark needs to hear from people who aren’t happy about it.


“I mostly have most melee kills from group cause i play BH and falchion is straight up strong in hands of person who knows what to do.”

BH is best played to abuse volley crossbow currently, because you can abuse crits, talents, and traits to have infinite ammo, and xbow pierces tons of enemies and is great against bosses.

Killing an enemy or two per falchion swing is pretty weak compared to killing 5+ rats per bolt with infinite ammo on crit and regular crits. This will probably be different next patch but for now BH especially is a ranged class first, melee as back up, and playing him melee focus isn’t optimal.

“this game is about going trough path of least struggle and finish mission quick before increased amount of hordes”

the main thing is stick together, always on same elevation, drop down at same time, melee watch ranged’s backs and you will have success. No need to pull extra enemies or rush ahead.

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No sir. We need to see that information because otherwise we’re really just rolling dice in the dark when we decide how to build our weapons and accessories. It is very hard to tell whether it is ever worth taking something like crit power, since if you crit you are probably killing it anyway unless it is a monster or heavy.

It is also very hard to determine how to value “Power/defense vs enemy type” when you don’t have the numbers to tell whether having that will actually let you kill enemies in less swings or stagger more enemies.

So the result is that all this “hard work” Fatshark put into this weapon system is a big waste because we avoid Power/Defense vs X since we can’t reasonably decide whether it is worth more than something with obvious effects like 2.0 Stamina or 5.0% crit.

I don’t take Defense vs X on anything since I can’t evaluate it. I’ll only take Power vs. Monsters on some ranged dps but I don’t even know if it works, and only because it was a max roll with something I known works.

Hiding information from us makes it impossible for us to make decisions, so we choose the most simple thing likely to benefit us. And the rest of the system Fatshark made is ignored. That kind of sucks. That’s the unintended side effect of keeping us in the dark.

Why even give us the numbers they do? They might as well hide all the information. Just give us items named “Mace” and we have to figure out what the traits and strengths our through testing. Innovation!

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