I do hope we get a somewhat major communication in January

At the moment the mood in the community is souring, and while some are going too far, the blame also is mostly on FS. I will always be a fan of the tide formula, i love VT2, and DT is very much fun, but there are problems, not on the combats and the missions (Though there are bugs in those places, but it’s not as important)

There are simply no information on what is going on, and what we know is always conflicting with other informations, I know that FS won’t publish a roadmap, and as things are it would only serve to hurt themselves. But as much as the community need to chill, it won’t happen before we get informations, anything that would reassure us.

Current issues:

  • Earn-able Cosmetics: Even with the penances, we don’t have much, while we see that the store has a lot planned (Which they are nice), there were.
  • Crafting: Either you should have amended your publications, or you should have kept to plan.
  • Clarifications on weapon modification: that way we can start phasing out the CoD comment.
  • Over-promising/under-delivering, both for Crafting, release, note patch.
  • Several Quality of life and design choice that stray from VT2, but in a bad way.

I know you are on a Christmas break, but you need to reach toward us, just giving us a delay on when we can expect a new publication on how you want to work would already go a long way, otherwise i think this game, who currently has a better and a worse release than VT2 (Less crashes on my sides but more uncertainties) will never have the community that it deserve


How is the online not top of the list? Honestly the lacking content, bad balance, abundance of bugs and crashing are minor headaches compared to the CONSTANT experience of lag, desync, failed hit reg, dropped player inputs and general buggery. The high difficulty content breaks completely when the game does not function reliably, and this is the end game. Their server structure is ruining this game.

I don’t have much connection problem, so I don’t really have it as a problem but I can add it in

Also it’s part of bugs and stuff

Don’t get your hopes up.

Expect the same community updates you’ve been getting since release.


The tl;dr is that Aqshy said that updates are only for when the problem has already been fixed.

Also do keep in mind that they had patch notes that had things removed from it when the patch was deployed, and they still left things in the patch notes that weren’t actually changed. You literally can’t even believe the documentation at this point.