Vermintide - 5 Year Anniversary


Welcome to the 5-Year Anniversary of Vermintide. 5 years ago we were nervously staring at the button to get the first game in this amazing series live. The moments directly after pressing the button were filled with joy, pride, nervousness, excitement and with a slight aftertaste of panic. What if you did not like our little rat-smashing simulator? We were in for a surprise, you loved it! Together we ventured through Stormdorf, slayed rats in Karak Azgaraz, and fell through the floor in Drachenfels.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 was our next adventure, and we would be lying if we said that we were not equally nervous about releasing Vermintide 2 as back when we first released Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide. The development team back then was smaller, but all emotions were there once more.

The years have flown by. We are humbled, grateful, overjoyed and thankful to each and everyone of our players. Thank you for everything, and here’s to the coming years!

In order to celebrate 5-Years of the Ubersreik 5’s rat extermination we are inviting you to 5 days filled with activities. Between October 21 - 25 you can join the celebrations inside and outside of the Vermintide universe, on all platforms!

You’ve got us hooked

The Obese Megalodon hat is available on all platforms between October 21 - 25. Jump into Vermintide 2 and complete one mission in order to catch this smashing look for all heroes.

Slay Rats, Be rewarded

Play Vermintide 2 during the 5-Year Anniversary and all of your kills will fill up the counter. Reach the milestones and all players will be rewarded!

A Quiet Drink returns

Follow the heroes out on town! The special anniversary mission ‘A Quiet Drink’ will be available on all platforms during the 5-Year Anniversary.

Join the Anniversary Stream

On October 23 at roughly 4pm CET you can tune in to the Fatshark Stream where CEO Martin and Narrative Director Mårten will look down memory lane - and possibly share something new!

5-Year Anniversary Discounts

The anniversary would not be complete without some extra special discounts during this week of celebrations. The Unhinged Heroes, Hearth & Home, and Wanderlust Anniversary Hat Bundles will be available for PC players to purchase for a special price only during the Anniversary.


Triple exp ?!?!?! GIVE US MORE FRAMES :smiley:

10 € for ALL purchasable hats? O.o

That is some interesting discount. Sadly, I don’t think i am interested in any of them but I AM tempted now. I wished for the new batch to have something more in my favour.

Any news on the latest delivery to the Emporium (or more Premium cosmetics)?


So for the 5th year of vermintide 2, we get:

  • 1 new hat?

kill rats for triple exp? thats the main reward?

Discount bundle for already existing premium cosmetics, thats nice, but not really an ‘event’.

Quiet drink? yea sure, why not. its a great map, but not after getting it for the x’th amount of time. For new players it can be great ofcourse.

Where are all those activities? I better log into the game and have an event board with an actual event.

Is this replacing halloween?

How about new premium cosmetics? Atleast a frame or a cosmetic or a new illusion if we hit kill cap, experience is irrelevant for most of us. unless you are farming commendation chests, but meh.


Nothing new, Fatshark style.

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They could of given everyone an extra weekly or daily quest for like a month after reaching the kill cap, or even increase quest shilling rewards to double or triple. That would still make it not alot of work for fatshark and be a great reward for new and existing players. Experience is just …

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I completely understand the criticism, but I am also positively surprised that we got an “event” at all… well, apart from the hats, the rewards are only for new/new players, I’m more afraid of the 3pl XP because the hats from commendation chests only block inventory slots (bug still hasn’t been fixed), the discount on the hats is nice for those who want to complete their collection or haven’t bought any yet, Quiet Drink is quite funny every now and then and to be honest a better weekly event than 80% of what else is available.

All in all quite solid, something for everyone, there is always room for improvement, but events were never FS’s strength. Still, happy 5th Vermintide anniversary everyone! :partying_face:

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I just don’t like that they overhype it.

Like its not 5 days filled with activities, its the same map we get for every event, rewards are lacking, nothing new or unique to do, etc etc.

I can understand that they cannot do everything every time there is an event, but the thing that seriously making me sad is the fact that we get triple experience when we reach 1st cap and then …a longer triple experience when reaching max, like cmon. So we have to play to get the kills, then play to make use of the experience and hope on an rng drop?

Why didn’t they just give us triple exp when reaching first cap, so we can help new players get into the game faster, but then give us a new frame/hat/something else for everyone else.

Also its again a triple exp weekend, forcing players to play unhealthy amounts of hours to get the most out of the triple experience (the ones who care about it). This promotes unhealthy playing.
If we take a look at the double experience weekend game, aka runescape, they have moved away from that purely for that reason. Now its a “weekend” but it starts counting down when logging in and stops when logging out. It’s ofcourse still limited to like a week or so, but it gives players the choice to do other things and not miss out, not feel like they have to play 14 hours a day. (ofcourse vermintide is not like an mmorpg, but i’m sure there are players who do this).

edit: Shark hat is nice though, the kill cap event (which is the ‘main’ event in my eyes, is just lacking and dissapointing)


Very happy to see quiet drink is back! The shark hat looks super cool as well.


Are the anniversary bundles avaiable already? I’m clicking the links and getting redirected to the steam front page.

I’m hoping to see something interesting during the stream.

Happy anniversary :partying_face: Vermintide! And thanks to Fatshark team to have brought us such amazing games!
Time to slay some rats! (again)


Im just waiting for Geheimnisnacht

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I’m not exactly overwhelmed with this either to be honest.

The Shark Hat was got in a single run which kind of makes me think ‘why not just give it out?’ and everything else feels a little like money for old rope.

I know I might be in a massive minority here, but I don’t like the drinking mechanics of a Quiet Drink, and have played it a couple of times total through gritted teeth. It’s just a bit annoying. There was an event to collect skulls throughout the levels once (maybe VT1 actually) and that was pretty good so I’d prefer a bit more of that tbh.

So, I’m hoping for some Halloween goodness with the night-time maps and some spooky frights.

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5th year of Vermintide as a series, not of vermintide 2.

I’m pretty happy about this event, when’s the last time we got a hat during one of these? I don’t think there’s any need to go crazy over it or the announcement or anything, but it’s a nice gift and a good occasion to celebrate the game’s success.
Also, A Quiet Drink! Neat!

I’m still hoping we get a Geheimnisnacht after this, too!


I totally agree about the unhealthy cramming. The timer idea sounds real nice, especially for people who may be busy on the weekend. Might be less stressful for some people too because they don’t feel they have to be available in a two day period to take advantage of that.

I’m not excusing it, per se, but one reason for the lack of something bigger might be all the big projects they’re working on right now. At any rate, it’s nice to see hats on sale. I liked the Waystalker one because it actually showed some hair. I never bought any because I didn’t want to spend upwards of $5 on a hat and I was disappointed by no new armors. Among other reasons.

@KaelusVonSestiaf @OenKrad

Yea i’m glad that we got a hat. Just a bit dissapointed about the killing counter event rewards. Experience is nice for some players, and i accept that, but giving us 2 times the same reward is kinda…weird and i feel like they could of atleast given us something else (doesnt have to be a cosmetic or frame).

I’m also aware that they are probably working on other stuff, and let’s hope halloween. But i’m still not happy about some of this, feels very underwhelming for a anniversary, but maybe my standards are too high :man_shrugging:

Yes, exactly. I could see it being difficult to implement though, as i’m not sure if experience is given to individual players or the entire team, like how its coded. But still, it could be a great Qol and game health improvement if they plan on giving us more double or triple experience weekends in the future.

XP is only a reward for new players. I guess I’ll just pile my Comm Chests in a stack like Smaug, never opening them.

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Is it even possible that it’s not comming? I mean, that’s like cutting Christmas in the real world D:

I felt the same a while ago but just take it as it comes now, it’s not worth arguing about it, and still what FS delivers compared to other developers in terms of “special events” is pretty disappointing, maybe it’s just not their focus, even if it’s important for some of us, who knows :man_shrugging:

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Yea i know. I try to be honest where possible without being too unreasonable (i try).

I Just enjoy events alot, and i think in a game like vermintide they could work great if put some work into. It doesnt even have to be alot of work, like i saw someone suggest “12 day christmas” which is exactly what gets me excited and i’d like to see such a thing in vermintide.

I do have to give credit where its due, and the community kill event is pretty great concept, just think they can do alot more with it.

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