5th anniversary of Vermintide franchise

October 23
What are you waiting from this day? Some event in the game or new career release? Or both? Or nothing?


Huh, I didn’t know that it was so soon. I think the Halloween event will definitely be here by the end of the month.


It’s been FIVE years since we launched Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide and introduced the world to the rat-bashing franchise! To celebrate, we’re tasking you and your fellow heroes to cut down five hundred and fifty-five million, five hundred and fifty-five thousand, five hundred and fifty-five enemies in Warhammer: Vermintide 2.

All Vermintide 2 kills count on all platforms. Whether you win or lose your match, your efforts will contribute to the tally.

The reward for this is two-tier. If your combined efforts fall short and hit 300,000,005 slain pactsworn when the deadline comes around, we’ll gift you a weekend of triple XP. If you complete all 555,555,555 we’re committed to doubling that up and providing two triple XP weekends on the trot!

The above counter is near real-time. All platforms are included in the counter.

You have until November 1st to complete this challenge. Good luck!

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Join the Anniversary Stream

On October 23 at roughly 4pm CET you can tune in to the Fatshark Stream where CEO Martin and Narrative Director Mårten will look down memory lane - and possibly share something new!



Nice timing with this thread by the way, good call

Don’t forget about today’s Fatshark stream =)

Join us over on Twitch at 14:00 UTC (15 BST/16 CEST/07 PT/09 CT) as we celebrate the 5-Year anniversary of ‘Vermintide’, speak with Martin and Marten about this journey and maybe we’ll get loose lipped, who knows. Tim and Tom return to play with YOU, so we hope to see you there!


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