In-game ignore list


Did you think about making an ignore list? See Overwatch, if you dont want to play with someone, you can put the player on ignore list. Im tired to get the crying guys who intentionally kill other players, discard grims for me killing elites and the player couldnt get that much green circles.

I posted it on the face group, but we would need something quicker that the “submit a ticket”. Kick doesn’t help, I can block a player on steam, but it doesnt stop either him/her to get back in my game and ruining it.


I spoke with Hedge over the summer about this. It is something they’re working on if I remember correctly. Or something they want in game. I think they were looking to get the steam block list working in game. I know I’ve bugged him more than a few times about this.


Sad that Steam and Vermintide cannot “work” together. I cannot even see the “recently played with” list, because it’s always empty.

With a report system you achieve not much, I remember when I played Heroes of the Storm, nothing happened with intentionally dying, abusive chatting guys in ranked. Lots of us reported 1 guys and still could play ranked matches.

But ignoring someone completely in-game could solve problems like this. The playerbase is not that small. The base duration could be 1 week as in Overwatch.

Other thing: I would welcome an “instant kick” for hosts. lots of the times other players didnt even care about pressing F5 or F6, a quick solution for rageing would be this. I know it could cause problems, premades like ti kick just for fun, but the most of the players wants to play the game, not shitting with the players.

Strange, that should be working. It works for me anyway?

For me it’s not. Totally empty. Steam is always up to date.

Ah, when you tab to steam overlay in game, click on the second tab under recent, I think it’s called player list? I’ll take a screen shot when I get home. It will list all players in order from newest to oldest.

I tried to reach it in steam app, not the ingame overlay. Maybe that’s the couse. Could you send that screeshot later? Im on my way as well, so in the evening i’ll look into it.

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It’s not in the Friends list oddly enough, its in the general steam overlay in the middle. took me a while to find it too.

Click here on the steam overlay,

Then click on this tab,

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