News on blacklist for players?


in the past there were various topics asking about an option to blacklist players. Iirc there was some pet project by a fatshark employee.

Is there any news/progress about a blacklist?

I asked Hedge about this not long ago and he said it is being worked on. SoonTM, all will come in time :stuck_out_tongue:


What would a blacklisting feature entail concretely?

@SmokerT69 Thats more or less what I expected, thanks for the info!

Basic features would be:

  • Select someone you recently played with and add them to the blacklist [1]
  • if someone is on the blacklist
    • they cannot join games you host
    • games they host won’t be shown in lobby browser
    • quickplay doesn’t put you in games where they are already in
    • if you and they end up in the same game anyways, you get notified that you blacklisted that person so you can decide if you want to leave right then [2].
  • Select an option for why you add them to the blacklist. Depending on the option you selected, there could be different repercussions [3]. You would be able to define those options yourself if desired and edit how to handle them.

[1] Using something unique and persistent (maybe a steam provided id?), not just the user name since that can be changed easily
[2] For example in chat: “Blacklist info: You added the following user to your blacklist on [date]: [username]”
[3] For example: Options could specify a time after which they are removed from your blacklist (or be permanent). Another example: Adding them with an option automatically block communication.


I would like to have ability to make a note about reason why particular person was blacklisted, like
“kick without a reason”, “grieffing”, “toxic behaviour”.

Aight well, sounds decent to me.

At least it sounds better than some kind of automated system that could potentially be abused.

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