Blacklist Feature

Whats going on with this? There were talks about it in the past regarding something being under development, but whats going on? Is there any actual progress being made to introduce this feature?

Do you have a source for this? Because I read most of the stuff Fatshark has posted anywhere. And to my knowledge a blacklist feature has never been part of this. I might have missed something though.

Otherwise I would consider this as a community created “Fatshark totally said this” rumour without base.

Last i saw something about this i think i read that they had not found any way to accomplish the effect of blacklisting someone due to some system mumbo jumbo…was it that the game code was not built with such a thing in mind or something else like the game relying on steam for matchmaking not making it possible to alter it?

I do not remember : (

just search for ‘blacklist’ on these forums, smh

Did exactly this. Search term “blacklist”. Brought up several posts. Most of them concerned about a map blacklist feature. Also several concerning player blacklist. Not a single one contained any comment from the developers. The only answers indicating that this has been worked on are from @SmokerT69. And while I do not think that he has been lying you have to regard that in one of the two post he says “If I remember correctly …”. So there may be a reason there has never been an official Fatshark post about this. There is also a chance that Hedge misunderstood something internally, that Smoker misunderstood something in the talk with Hedge or that it was something very side-projecty (like their experimental weeks) which has then been scrapped for obvious reasons.

TLDR: Maybe a blacklist feature will come in the future but in this forum I couldn’t find any offical word from the developers.

I dunno if this is something they’re still working on though. Might have pushed back with WoM and other upcoming content. We do know that the deed rework is still coming and that’s been something they’ve been working on for over a year.

Yeah, I’m not sure how the complexities of such a thing are. I just remember how IamLupo created a mod that did that for V1. But yeah, cool deal, thanks.

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