Block list. Maybe?

So I haven’t played vermintide 2 in a little bit I have everyone at 30 and a reasonable amount of reds so I could do legend runs consistently… But I’m out of practice so I just jumped into some open recruit matches just to get back into the groove of things. I played a dozen or so matchs and with low level people most of the time. I didn’t mind helping them out to get through the match I remember how it was starting out but a few of the matches the person that was ok leveled in the range of 15 to 23 or so that replaced one of the bots at the end decided they were just gonna destroy the grimiore or tome they were carrying. I was kinda mad cause they should know what the leveling up is like and we were at the end just about to leave. All I’m asking is please don’t do this to new people we don’t need this in our online community or we could ask fatshark to put in a system to block people from your matchmaking. I don’t want a ban system in place that’s to much work for a small team to review all the reports of stuff that doesn’t matter. I’m sure the block system is a lot of work to and I wouldn’t expect it soon at all but it would be nice cause if you block someone that’s on you. Just my thoughts and try to be helpful out there.


It’s in the works.



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