Please allow us to block people

It’s really frustrating to run into trolls in the game, as rare as they (surprisingly) are, and be largely powerless to do anything about them. Yes, if they join your game and they’re alone you can kick them, but they can also immediately rejoin if they want to, and if you join theirs through QP there’s a chance that it’ll happen repeatedly.

For example… doing QP Legend as usual, I get put into a game of a duo of trolls blasting nonsense through their mics. Now, I could just mute them or turn off VC, but I’d rather not play with them at all considering how likely they would troll in other ways. These aren’t the kinds of people you want to team up with in a game for half an hour. I leave, I queue again, and I instantly get put back into the same game multiple times in a row, with them taunting me each time. I have to sit there and wait X amount of time, hoping that some other unfortunate soul got paired with them, or stop doing QP and lose out on the bonus.

The game has been out a year now and there still isn’t any solution to this… why? You guys use Steam for matchmaking, right? Why can’t you do the same thing L4D does and use Steam’s blocklist to prevent these sorts of situations? If nothing else implement a cooldown on rejoining the same game over and over. Pretty please?

The real question isn’t when we’re getting a blocking function, it’s when are images going to show up in quoted posts.

Mm. I hope that’s true and that it happens soon. Thanks for the quick and helpful response.

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