Blocked people joining game

I’m not one to get annoyed easily, but last night I had a person rejoin the game multiple times after being kicked & blocking them on steam.

I have blocked probably a dozen people, and I do not believe I encountered them again, but I don’t typically remember their names either. It was frustrating to the other people on the team since we all agreed to kick the person, yet we were essentially forced to play with them because they kept rejoining.


Yea, it’s shìt. But you can hold tab as a host and make the game private for 2 mins or so by clicking in the bottom right. Normally long enough for the guy to stop trying to join you.

That’s a good idea. At the time the only options I saw were kick again, suck it up, or quit playing myself (which as the host would have screwed everyone).

I found that sometimes though, making the game private removes the quickplay bonus for some reason on clients.

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