Why does the game allow people you've kicked to rejoin your game?

Just had a player intentionally friendly fire, kicked him. And he rejoined and friendly fired again. Seems a bit stupid on your part, fatshark.


there should be at least some kind of block system, even if its only 10 mins after gettin kicked u cant rejoin same host or so…

had it yesterday about 4 times during a single run. Guy triggers every pat runs solo dies, we kick him, he rejoins…and again, and again and again!..

I would even go further, give us a BOOK OF GRUDGES where we can perma ban player from our games


I think this demand goes both ways.
Had one case where the host apparently didn’t like me. Well, no matter. Plenty of lobbies.
Well, I ended up waiting 5 minutes to make sure they were in a hopefully filled up match.

For now you can set the game to private for some time and hope he lands somewhere else during that time.

Block them in steam is enough

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From looking at Steam charts it seems there are probably only a few hundred players on Legend at any given time lately so this sort of thing will happen more frequently without a ban option.

its becuz fatshark ran out of time and money so they released the game too early.

Well, Legend is difficult.
No wonder there’s few players. And at least 20% of them probably shouldn’t be there. Not that I mind, we all started somewhere.
But when, on a given evening, I check the available lobbies, and I get more than 5 (often 10+, weekends up to 2 pages), I’m content with the available players - after all, full games don’t show.
No matter how finished and polished a game is, the highest difficulty is usually meant for people either very talented, or playing a lot. As time goes on, increasingly the latter. There’s just not that many around.
Looking at steam achievement statistics, maybe 7-8% of players who actually played for any significant amount of time have completed skittergate on legend.
Maybe FS expected that the chance of rejoining the same game was slim, but then that was obviously a miscalculation with regards to the highest difficulty.

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