Matchmaking pls. 3 low lvl player 2xlvl1 1xlvl7 joinen my lvl 11 veteran on t2 mission

I would like to suggest that you introduce a function that prohibits low lvl players i.e. lvl 1 chars to join rnd in t2 t3 t4 missions. If one then still writes in chat stay close not open fild is insulted.

Afk stands around somewhere and does not ping the enemies coming from behind. If you write drop the medi kit on Boss Spawn and it is not made the team then wipet etc. this is absolute sh** for players who play the 2nd 3rd 4th char high and then meet such players non stop die insult or do the opposite of what you write to wipe all. Crafting material is left alone because you have to run back and pick up yourself because the noobs leave it. WTF is that? Since yesterday, this is absolutely a nightmare to play any mission, because only so players are there who have no idea what they are doing and what the pings mean.

The mission to collect 3 books was just stupid, I would have liked to carry all three myself on pings no one has responded, only when I stopped there came someone. And after the answers have also written nothing more.

At the demon they died because yes they knew better did not need a team and stay close for toughness

If you then consider the grind that you now have to make for the craft material, the P. enance times left out, this is still really Toxic. LOL sends greetings

I find that the people complaining about toxicity are people that simply need to grow up.
You are going to encounter bad people in life. That’s just a given. Fatshark gave you the necessary tools to block people. Take advantage of those tools and move on with your life. Once blocked, you will never see them again in your games. The internet is not a safe space and Fatshark are not your parents.
Fatshark already implemented an item level cap on different tiered missions. Doing a 2 tiered mission as a level 1 is completely doable. Level 3’s are locked out until a certain item level is reached.

You may also want to not load into a game and start telling people what to do. That doesn’t really end well.
I’m not really sure why you posted the screenshot of your team typing FU and shut up. If you can’t handle 2 letters and 2 words on the internet, you sure are going to have a hell of a time in real life. Unless you did it because you thought that posting this kindergarten level “toxicity” would get them banned.

I will agree with you on the script/grims holding cap and crafting mats. Especially when you discard weapons, you only get $ but no crafting material which is odd, considering the other games did this.

There are so many more important issues that needs addressed in this game, your hurt feelings isn’t part of their problem.

Lv12 is more than enough for T2.

We’re a bunch of convicts sent on a suicide mission; ordering people around may not be well received. In fact, what you said could be taken as toxic in the first place. Just try and survive these missions and ask on the morningstar for an invite if you have a team-play preference.

This has been a non stop since yesterday. I started with the mission and the goal Crafting mats and Weekly Books and suddenly joined the Lowi. I just wanted to quickly with my lvl 11 char through there. At the books I must camp so that someone picks them up. Because they had no idea of the game, no idea of the pings and that the things are needed and that with lvl 1 in a T2 run around. Then also attack the Deamon, which some certainly know exactly from the beta and know how nasty he can be. And what happens to a lvl 1er there? With too little dmg he kills the people through, that’s what happened, Corruptions lvl 2 bars thanks that. The Crafting mats for which you have to do the missions, simply left lying, that run back had to collect them themselves. This is absolutely a NOGO, do not dismiss this so trivial. Ignore the books for the weekly task and only pick up when the go further refuse. Let them run but t1, there no one cares what beginners are doing there for that is also there, but not in t2 t3 t4. If you don’t like it that I have a problem with that and I address that, you have a problem. Your sentence ukann also be used against you. Learn to tollerate opinion. Nowhere is written, give useless to something if you can not give anything constructive.

And another thing Private lobbies do not exist

yes thats why i also opened a t2 with my lvl 11 now lvl 12 veteran. And I do not want me then so lvl 1 chars join and nothing pick up leave everything lying when you write something that benefits the team salty answer. Not with me

so from your point of view I am to blame when I write please do not dream focus when the Ogryn is ambushed from behind because he did not pay attention to the ping and warning. Running past crafting material is also my fault. That the lvl 1er to the Deamon run on t2 is also my fault when I say stay close not open fild, because from behind still horde came ? Where am I there Salty?

No, I’m not blaming. I’m highlighting cultural differences.

I also like good teamplay, but it can’t always be so with randoms on the internet. Sometimes I think you just have to make the best of a bad team -we are a bunch of convicts on a suicide mission after all. It can’t always go well. Just survive the bad ones as best you can and move on.

Seriously, what else will they join? I’ve never seen a dif 1 match; I jumped straight into 2, and the main reason I still do that occasionally is that A) dif 3 requires at least one competent teammate, and B) the game lags so much I can’t in good conscience try to solo the match.
If you said dif 3, ok, yeah, but dif 2 is very much a place I’d expect a level 1 character to be, assuming they have at least some tide experience.

Please, for the love of god use deepL for translations @Flafi. Those 1:1 translations are horrible to read and understand… :dizzy_face:

Also: this rly is kindergarten level… go find some guys on DC, it’s full of ppl and there are prob. some who do weeklies and stuff aswell if you can’t deal with pubs atm.

Bro. T2 is like the ultimate joke in difficulty. Its so unbelievably easy and is meant for levels 1s.

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