T2-T3 Matchmaking is ruined by low lvl players with white weapons

T3 PUG gameplay with lvl 1-13 who cant kill normal horde NPC shouldnt happen. A restriction is needed for alts or very low lvl players.

T1 - any
T2- 10-19
T3 - lvl 20+
t4-5, 30+

T2 is tutorial mode and t1 shouldnt even exist. You wanting to lock t3 behind level 20 is pretty funny.


Idk while lvling im constantly encountering lvl20+ or max lvl players that play like absolute trash on malice and are a liability almost all game long. What a shame this game doesnt have a scoreboard, makes it really easy to blame the others.


I carried a lvl 20 Psyker, 25 Vet and 15 Zealot on my lvl 3 Vet with a 120 Rating White Kantral and a 124 White Axe… On +3. They all died during events and I was pingponging rescuing them and finishing the events myself.

  • The Psyker wasn’t half bad, had the two others been competent I’m sure he’d have done better.

What is this stupidity? The only thing you get from quality are perks and blessings - most of which ain’t needed.


now imagine that player on lvl lvl 1-10 character :smiley:

Are you serious? I played all my alts starting form T2. There is nothing going on, on T1 and T2, you can walk these difficulties with base/starting weapons.


Yeah, hard pass. If I couldn’t group with friends and level characters on Heresy I would have even less incentive to play. Malice should be playable at level 2.


So remove the restriction if u are in a full group. You shouldnt be forcing people to carrying you

I enjoy helping new players get through malice.

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I never played t1 and I would probably not play this game if you couldnt leave it until lvl 10


dont care, i carry

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I think you just awnsered why they don’t have one.

Also just remember we were all trash once and even since getting good we all screw up all the time otherwise we would be running damnation solo and calling our selves the top 0.3%

Carry them or tell them to group up more.
I know just typing group up and don’t go down different paths at the end of metal fab makes that part go 100 times smoother.

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Completing each type of mission in a difficulty to unlock access to the upper level would already be good considering the number of tourists lost in damnation

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With the current rng mission selection, this does not seem like a good idea.
And if this was to be implemented, it definitely should not apply to all difficulty unlocks, or even to each character individually.

It could be an achievement where you unlock damnation for your account after finishing each heresy mission once (on any character)

You can almost solo T3, skill issue.

I cant wait to see the achievement, lvl 1, white weapon, 3 bots, private game :smiley:

Dude i literally did heresy in a team, without ever getting downed, at lvl 17.
But yeah, new players should not be allowed to join malice at lvl 5.

Lvl 3 actually, not sure if that’s for every map, but you can indeed join malice at lvl 3, when you don’t even have your toughness regen feat.

Unlocking a new difficulty every 5 levels (per feat) would be fair.

nope, can do 2-3 at low levels just fine