Stop Low Level Players From Ruining Games

Is there a specific reason why low level players can join tier 2+ games? Please create requirements for players to join. On that note, require people to complete all training.


Can’t even play Malice due to all the noobs joining in without any comprehension of how the game works.

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No it’s fine every one’s gotta learn the game and people trying new characters know the mechanics and can clear them just fine with low level gear
Also don’t worry about it to much you can learn to get good enough to carry a malice game with just 2 people so think of it as practise for when your whole team goes down in heresy and damnation and you got to clutch your way out to save them.


You clearly didn’t understand the message.

I love your enthusiasm

Too be honest, it’s fine as it is. Their are level requirements in place, but the bar is set low.
So, would these be increased I will also argue they should be decreased once a player reaches level 30.

I’ve done closed beta, early access and already had an Ogryn at level 30 upon launch.

I had an absolute blast starting fresh and doing tier 2 missions and progressing to tier 3 when they became possible. Sure, it’s challenging and on occasions things went horribly bad, but this time around, it wasn’t due to the lack of player skill or being ‘new’ to the game.

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I think there should be a guide to inform a player what level is recommended, but I think it would be a terrible idea to limit missions more than they already do now. Levels don’t show experience, my main is level 26 and I started a new operative yesterday at level one and had no problem clearing tier 2 right away for the better experience/payment. Even had to carry a few times with people who were a higher level but likely were only playing as their first operative.


I have no problems running D3 (as lvl 30) with 1 or 2 lvl 5-10s. If they are not bad at the game we will succeed. I’m against all these artificial barriers - if lvl 1 wants to try D5 - let them.

its not about level but awareness, like 50% of my games on t2-3 is like this - 2ppl running ahead like in race to see who is best in killing elites and picking ammo, one way back looking into every corner and me in middle so i can save if possible any of these “Ogryns”, when i play i notice most ppl dont even look back, like where are my other teamates? should i wait for them so i dont die? in one game they picked second grim (my chat didnt work because steam went off and on before that match) and in my head i could hear voice “we are so dead” (9 deaths in that match :D). when you have two veterans in your squad and they shoot in poxwalker horde instead of using granade. its fun and you learn from other ppl mistakes if they dont themselves.


The biggest barrier for difficulty in the game is not entirely linked to the level, though the Zealot is annoyingly very useless until they get to at least level 20.

The biggest blocker is weapons. Lower levels don’t have access to armour piercing in the same level as the higher levels, so if you are the unfortunate soul to hop into a lobby and see 2-3 low levels join, your loadout kitted out to fight off ranged grunts but not heavily armoured elites, things can go south real fast.

If players could get access to the weapons they want/need, then it wouldn’t be nearly as painful as it is right now. I don’t mind them being there as long as they realise they are not demi-gods or that I am not there to babysit them through the level and save every time they rush into a horde to die. I will of course assist them and help with things like scriptures, as well as come save them the best I can, but if I see them go down twice in 5 minutes, I know that there is not much worth for me to rush in to save them again.