Lock difficulty 3 and above from player under level 10

What fun do I get from carrying them? Lose 3 runs in a row at Malice difficulty thanks to those newbies who have absolutely no idea how to play the game. The 2 prime character newbie always use are the Vet and Zealot. Vet only use the gun, Zealot rush a head with absolutely no thought in their head. And they are all under level 10 with all default skin. Why is this even allowed in the first place?


Level has nothing to do with it, i leveled my zealot and ogryn in malice from level 1 and had to carry plenty of level 20+ people that went down 8 times a match.


in difficulty 3 and above? then you are a pro player, but my point stands nonetheless. the benefit far exceeds the drawback IMO: newbies should be forced to test their skills and builds in a safe environment and probably have a better incentive to grind so they can access the higher level, while oldbies can play with other decently skilled players without choking their brains. Besides, they should have a private match option for you to open the lobby and carry people to your will, not forcing people like me who have to gamble on MM to find people who know how to play the game accordingly at my skill level. So turn out it is Fatshark fault again?

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That has nothing to do with the level, that post makes no sense dude

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why? I have seen level 4 readying in a Heresy difficulty. Is character level that not important?

Level has nothing to do with it, I haven’t even installed the game yet, and yet I carried 4 other people to lvl 35 using nothing but the fury of my fists.
This is why your argument is invalid.

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must be my skill issue then

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So I have already two classes on lvl 30 why should I be forced to play on the lower difficulties if my skill is good enough to even carry on malice? You really don’t need all feats or lvl 20s gear to shine in malice. On hearsay the difference is so big that even maxed out teams lose often so

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It’s just that we already had multiple threads asking for this during the beta, and FS ignored it for launch, when this was most important.
Now, it is already too late and will likely never be added, sadly.

It’s definitely more about gameplay knowledge, skills and teamwork than character level.
And unfortunately a character level is not a skill check but merely a number of hours played.
Sure you can also unlock more weapons types but I’d rather get friendly pajamas on Malice instead of lvl20+ headless chickens with no teamwork.
Gating difficulty levels wouldn’t be great, even if it would trim the new players who don’t know enough and still flow through higher difficulties.

It is not totally about your gear or feat, it is your skill that matter. As I said before, those pre lv 10 are completely noob at the game, and they should not be allowed to play on higher dificulty. That is like asking to join a clan raid dungeon in WoW or in Destiny without having a clue what to do. You would get kick on sight lol. But in your case, FS should have implement a private lobby since the start so you can carry people at your will, and I can experience the MM

At least if we had filters for the matchmaking. Asking for minimum character levels, or implying difficulty, anything.
The “social” hub doesn’t have any meaningful “social” options though (yet?).

Level has some things to do with it.

Level unlocks gear, and gear does make a big difference.

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the biggest problem is that theres is absolutely zero indication what gear someone should have for any given difficulty.

the way its structured people might think that your meant to progress through difficulty as you level so that once your 30 your ready for 5

the game should have a suggested gearscore for any given difficutly
something like

5 suggested equip 450+
4 suggested 350+
3 suggeted 250+
2 suggested 150+
1 whatever


While I don not like the idea of locking content, it would be a solution for some matches/ rounds.
While higher difficulty has nothing to do with level per se, the problem is that if one does not have the skills, the same one is ALSO lacking the equipment (weapon, curios).

True, primarily the skill is the main drive, but if this is lacking, adequate equipment still gets the ball rolling. But if both are missing? Bad.
With a lock-out we could at least tackle the point regarding equipment.

So, until there is a better solution (like custom games, where we have settings (like set a min level)), I second this.

2 problems I see in all these threads:

People assume you think you can’t compensate the lack of gear with skill
No, you can. But we don’t know the skill of that random person that joined. We only (potentially, since you cannot see player level in-game) have levels as an indicator. Besides, just because you can, doesn’t mean that most other can.

People unable to step out of their own reference frame
Saying game design X is OK/NOT OK, because “I have a lot of skill” meanwhile admitting that most people don’t, even with higher character levels, means that you are not interested in a discussion about that feature and how it fits into the whole game. It’s like going into a discussion about monetization and saying “I have a lot of money and bought all skins without even blinking! It’s fine - sounds like a wealth issue”

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A thing that is related imho, about player “skills”, is that while the basic tutorials are nice, there should be more of them insisting on demonstrating the usefulness of teamwork mechanisms, like coherency, other classes skills (blue headpopping is not a “kill that thing” marker), and tagged enemies shouldn’t be a delicacy.

Maybe more is planned for the psykhanium, maybe not. (?)

Gear really isn’t that important for malice and you shouldn’t be relying on receiving certain perks and traits on weapon from the shop as you’re leveling a character due to it’s randomness. There’s not even a guarantee that you’ll receive a curio per rotation. Heresy is different as taking out key targets becomes a fair bit harder with the weakened gear, so you’re a bit more reliant on crowd control and having an attentive player to capitalise.
The important thing level does for the average player is getting you your first toughness regain feat at 5. I think access to malice is around level 3 or 5 which makes this the most convenient time for people wanting to push themselves and learn by trial of fire while having the tools to be more independent or supportive should the time arise.

Ideally all weapons can hold up to damnation, but for newer players to tide weapons that are more agile at the cost of damage and accuracy (primarily the fire arms as the baseline swords and tactical axes hold up very well for any player) might not be the best fit to get the most from them. Especially compared to the safe bet of a solid standard issue lasgun or it’s big brother the mxII which are fantastic for taking out specials while still thinning hordes if need be.

Bad plays due to inexperience will be made by any pub player regardless of their level. At most I can suggest to OP is to swallow whatever pride they may have and make sure they’re backing their team up at all times while mitigating threats that tend to take out the less experienced. Special sniping will always be one of the most essential parts of vermintide as hordes become less and less threatening.
A team all committing to a dumb idea is usually way more successful than one that has individuals that refuse to follow loons into the fray to back their strikes.

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Lol, we were doing difficulty 3 with level 2+ characters in the betas with pre-mades. The launch difficulty feels scaled down also. Where are all the mobs?! Did we really prefer extra waves maps that heavily in the beta? On some maps/matches I genuinely feel bored.

Maybe lock 4 and 5 behind some level reqs. At least this is where you need to be more careful when you enter a new area.


Level has to do with it.