Level restrictions on difficulty 3+ are way too low

As the title says, the level restrictions for playing on higher difficulties should be much higher than they are.

Currently, the requirement for playing Malice is only level 3, at which the player doesn’t even have their first talent. This difficulty feels more like it’s intended for level 15 at least.

Similarly Heresy and Damnation are accessible far sooner than they should be, when realistically they should probably require level 30. These difficulties are so brutal right now that only very good players have a reasonable chance of completing them with anything short of full gear.


so, in VT2, since equipment could be shared across all characters, you could easily have a low level character play the harder difficulties if they got the souped up gear that another character unlocked for them.

I’m wondering if we’ll see something similar here, or, if it’s just an oversight of design because they took that away. I have no problem allowing low level characters to play higher level difficulties if they can get the gear to make up the lack of talents. But, if it’s in the Darktide design that you just cannot share gear at all, then yeah there needs to be a better level or at least a gear cap.


I can agree on all accounts above however, I do think they should either allow gear sharing just like VT2 or raise the entry barrier level wise. to play devils advocate here during the double XP event in VT2 at level 23 I was being kicked out of legend lobbies just for not having all my feats unlocked. I think that behavior from veterans of the series coming over is going to carry over into dark tide as feats not only make your character stronger, but they enhance your party as well.

I can agree everyone should have a chance to experience the content, but maybe not at such a low trust. Considering I’ve attempted a dozen heresy missions and almost every time I’ve been stuck with 2-3 low trust team mates (to their credit they played well, but simply didn’t have the damage to clear some of the larger packs or elites).

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I personally managed to complete difficulty 3 as soon as I became level 3.

I think they should just show a recommended level for each difficulty instead of locking it to a higher level.


In DT in my experience, the gear matters way more than your feats. Being able to pull out the weapon necessary to deal with a threat tops the mostly minor buff you can get out of a trait, and that is where the current system comes into play. Some people have been getting many of those necessary weapons at rather early levels which make level 2 a joke to play on.

So that’s why I can see why the level restrictions are as low as they are.


I can kinda agree with that, however at the same time higher tier gear has more stat bonuses and “feats”attached to them. In my experience at level 25 Zealot gets the option for a 4% damage bonus stacking 5 times for 3.5 seconds after every successful hit. I paired that with a purple chain axe that has the feat 3% power stacking 5 times and dealing 20% more damage to armored enemies the result helps me clear elites faster and even take out the assassination target with ease almost making it child’s play.

I can only speak from a Zealots point of view as it’s my highest level character at the moment. With the Zealot getting feats that give bleed on crits, reduction to toughness damage for teammates, healing with the until death prox. The class has a lot of feats that scale really well the higher difficulty you play. I’m simply advocating that a strong weapon won’t do much unless it’s being paired with a great shot or great feats.

That long winded explanation to say lower trust players don’t have access to stack these weapon feats and class feats to make them stronger. I have no complaints really about the malice difficulty it’s more toward the end game difficulties like damnation and heresy.

Level 8 would be much more suited!
I personally got into tier 3 at level 14~.

Yeah, I can agree on 4 and 5, as I haven’t had the incentive to hop there just yet as I am mainly trying to get my second character to 30, and help my friends get to 30 themselves, before I even consider tackling those for real.

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I think low levels should be allowed to test the higher difficulty once to get a idea of what they should expect, but only matchmake with other low levels for this test run. Then it should be level locked.

I tested malice and quickly found out It was waaay out of my skill level and now I am at difficulty 2 where I belong.

I agree but maybe that is a beta feature to allow people trying out higher difficulties sooner.
Some explanation regarding the difficulty would have been nice - I just watched a youtube video with gaming tips and understood that the difficulty is supposed to be that crazy and that you have to play like crazy for that. With non-crazy gaming I had to reach level 20+ and find a team who also had that level to get my first successful tier 3 game.
Dunno if I ever beat the game on a higher grade, because I don’t know much about the mechanics and treat it like Left4Dead instead of Vermintide or so… perma-dodging and blocking and maxing out everything is not my style. I want to have fun, not a heart attack :-/

I’ve been playing Diff 3 since lvl10, and I’ve been matched with lvl 5-10s at least half the time, and they performed as well as higher level people. In fact, I feel like higher level people develop a routine for being able to slash through enemies, and maintain much more distance from the team safely than what is actually safe on Diff 3 and up.
When I start a second character, I don’t want to have to farm my way up to lvl15 to enter Diff 3, it feels disrespectful of my time.

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I’m totally fine with people wanting to try their luck at a difficulty they don’t have the gear rating for

But let me filter them out

That’s it

Really the solution I would like to see is like VT2 where Legend and Cataclysm difficulty was reserved for to higher level players who wanted a challenge. I don’t think diff 3 in dark tide should be level locked any further just so we’re on the same page. It’s more so in line with difficulty 4-5 where I’m seeing the most trouble from lower trust players who are playing like is difficulty 2.

I think having the information about how the health scales for enemies and how damage is calculated at higher difficulties would help. A rough estimate that I can share on diff 3 with a 140 power melee weapon it would take 4 swings to kill even the lowest of armor enemies moving to diff 4 it took nearly double that.

I can say that people should be able to experience the content however, what about the players who strive to beat these missions on diff 5 even. I think a lot of games have moved into being all inclusive at the cost of game longevity it would be nice to have these higher diff missions be locked for players who reach the peak and the rewards that come with it are a way of showing you overcame it and this reward is not common as you can see with diff 4 missions offering 10k ordo and 2.5 to 3k Xp.

I really think the bottom line solution is to add the equipment sharing and crafting they had in VT2 it would help balance the playing field and give the lower trust players a chance at these high tier difficulties. I understand the game has some work to still be done, but I do have extremely high hopes for it!

Restrictions are badly needed. Everyone here saying that new players that are low level should be able to “test” the waters is bizarre. It ruins the gameplay experience for players who are at the appropriate level to do Malice difficulty.

Make the minimum level 12+ at the very least.

Having information about how exponentially enemies scale is a good idea, but giving the player valuable information is not the Fatshark way.
The easy solution would be to make the Meatgrinder on the appropriate difficulty mandatory before being able to enter a mission.

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How else would you know if you’re cut out for the difficulty without testing it once?

Again, for me personally as a VT2 veteran, Malice was a good fit right from the start. I would hate being limited to Uprising until level freakin’ 12. It would be so damn boring to grind for hours on what to me is a trivial difficulty.

I think this is mostly going to be an issue close to the launch. In the long term, people will have already tested the waters and know what difficulty is right for them, and won’t often try again.


You know you’re cut out for it when you’ve reached the appropriate gear level to try it. Just because you’re a vt2 vet that can do it, doesn’t mean 99% of the player base will be able to. You don’t design games around the .01% of players.

I feel that it’d be a free ̶w̶o̶r̶l̶d̶ ̶game.
If lvl 1 character wants to run difficulty 5 - let them. I’m all against these roadblocks.
Just put the recommended lvl in the tooltip - I’d not start D3 before lvl 10.


Very much want to second this thread.

you should be limiting malice to lvl 10+, and heretic to 20+

At minimum

the reality is, below lvl 15 a character is being carried on malice. Just due to lack of power, quality, and ability on gear.

On heretic, its more like lvl 25.

I’m OK with lower limits for like people to play together. But with Randoms. I don’t want to see another lvl 3 on malice again.

Most of my games on malice were lvl 5-10 for the entire team, who was being carried? There’s plenty enough VT veterans to do that even with random matchmaking.
And I guarantee you that lvl5 malice will become common once people start leveling their second characters, so pretty much at about release.