Low-Levels in T3 mission

Who on the Emperor’s holy Terra thought it was ok to to let lower levels into higher tier missions? I mean seriously, I just finished, or rather failed Emp’rah because someone gave the keys to the Lion’s gate to level 4s to come and join the big boys in level 3 missions. Now I wasted probably 20+ minutes because I got boned for having a level 4,6 and a 7 in my tier 3 mission.
Not to mention the time it took me to open a fatshark account to do this. So I’m a little peeved off. I really think the devs ought to restrict level 3 missions to level 9 at a minimum, 10 being the preferred.
And because I loaded straight into the mission, since that’s becoming more common apparently, I had no idea and couldn’t back out before it started.
Seriously hope they fix this issue otherwise their smaller player base will dwindle further.

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Sounds like it’s working properly. Low levels can like to challenge themselves or maybe leveling a different class from their usual. Probably just had bad luck to die and level had little to do with it. More likely is too far apart or some other bone that happens at 3. Even failure should help them level too bad it can’t help gatekeepers.


Feel free to chime in Stick with your proper threat levels- rantish
Beware the trolls though, get ready for a barrage of “git gud”, “learn to carry” , “zomg you’re an elitist snob”…

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Low levels in tier 3 missions :sweat_smile:
Honestly malice is perfectly doable with any level of you know how to dodge and use cover, the only level requirements I see are 20-25 for tier 4 (depending on build) and recommend 30 for tier 5, the first 3 are just there to get you used to the mechanics.
Once you start playing higher difficulties you’ll realize that tier 3 is really not that bad :wink:


T3 is low level


T3 is mostly about situational awareness and basic mechanics. Those can be learned fairly early on, and being level 30 doesn’t insure you’ll have them down either.

I was playing with a group of friends last night, and decided I wanted to play a Psyker as the group didn’t have one and I enjoy the class more than the Veteran I was playing. I rolled a new character and jumped into a Malice mission with them (I wasn’t able to select the mission, their chaacters were in the mid teens and could). I was doing fine - actually taking the least damage while still killing stuff and being useful (my main is also a Psyker, plus I’ve spent a lot of time in the game so I know what I’m doing).

It’s not character level that’s the problem, but player skill level. People rushing up the difficulties when they haven’t fully learnt to play will be harder to team with whatever their character level. I could understand raising the level requirements to start higher difficulty missions a bit. I wouldn’t like to lock low level characters out of them entirely when in a group with others who can start them, as that would prevent people playing and levelling with their friends.

Locking people into the garbage that is level 1-2 missions is also a very very good way to make people get bored and quit.


If someone already maxed out a character - and at this point a great many people still playing already have - it would be very annoying for them to have to go back to tier 2 missions, especially since the teamplay suffers a lot due to the low challenge.
Nothing would do more damage to matchfinding than locking experienced players to play low difficulties. It might even cause people to leave the game due to boredom.

And this is a bit funny.

This. You can enter Malica at level 3-5 depending on your equipment. Anything with a decent melee moveset is enough to get you through. Psyker even earlier given the strength of BB at that difficulty.

People should realize that not everyone is a newcommer or leveling his first character

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Fun fact: You can check on the social page of the escape menu when in progress. Maybe you’d know that if you had more experience with the game :thinking:

Feel free to self select leave you way out of the game if you want to blame people’s levels for failure in malice of all things.

Just don’t be that guy trying to kick anybody who you deem unworthy based on level. Nobody likes that guy.

Not everyone who disagrees with you is a troll. Stop acting like they are and that other opinions are completely invalid as ‘trolls.’ It’s kinda sad, for someone who otherwise has made some decent points/discussions in other threads.

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I think low levels shouldn’t be locked out of T3 missions however, considering how weapon unlocking works and shop rotation, this might vastly affect performance. Level 3 doesn’t get any talents yet and there is good chance they still have hardly usable weapons at this point. Even if they already unlocked better weapons, there is good chance they haven’t appeared in the shop yet. With that in mind, there is a legit issue here.

If someone just started and did 2 T1-T2 missions, they might still be on their first shop rotation at lvl 3. Not to mention you don’t even have ordo dockets to buy several weapons to try out. So maybe some change is needed.