We NEED to raise the level requirements for missions

As so many other people already pointed out, it straight up effing sucks to get low level players In t3+.

I am not saying they are Bad, I am not suggesting to buff lower levels or emperor forgive, Nerf the top end;
But it makes no sense to allow people that barely reached LVL 3, have no feats available and are missing like 75% of their weapon unlocks, to join on Malice.

They are missing actual raw stats, that can only really be offset by proficient players; for which there is no system in place. Like f.e. That prevents a fresh account that just reached LVL 3 on 1 char to join, but allows the person that already has 3 chars on 30 and is now levelling his last char to join.

Similarly, people who freshly unlocked Heresy & Damnation will NOT be able to pull their weight, simply due to missing BiS weapons, and raw stats on those weapons. This is not me calling for a “Buff to Everything” or to “Remove Power Level”;
But to fix the issue that people with their white stock weapons join on T3 missions (which you can’t even dodge if you or them join mid-mission).

Given how easily you can “cheese” weapon power levels with crafting, I Suggest the following Minimum requirements for each Difficulty:


Minimum Level/ Completion Requirements are replaced by Gear Requirements, equating to the required level, when another Character meets the requirements

Sedition (T1): None
Uprising (T2): Minimum Level 5
Malice (T3): Minimum Level 10 & Successful completion of 3 T2 Missions
Heresy (T4):Minimum Level 15 & Successful completion of 3 T3 Missions
Damnation (t5): Minimum Level 20 & Successful completion of 3 T4 Missions

I am fully aware, that this will increase queue times for higher difficulties, (Temporarily) but I believe that a system like this would be beneficial for both New players and Veterans alike.

This is because it ensures that all players within a difficulty are on equal footing.
Furthermore, since there are Certain differences between difficulties, people would more naturally be able to adapt to higher difficulty levels, and their changes.

Also, it would prevent a detrimental experience for a new (to the series as a whole) player by getting their face bashed in for something that isn’t necessarily a skill but power issue

If you enjoy playing on higher difficulties, there is nothing wrong with that. But this is a CO-OP game, not a single player game.
It is balanced around 4 Team Members.
And allowing players via the intended matchmaking into matches where they for technical reason cannot pull their own weight, compared to other players, is sabotaging the gameplay experience for the teammates.