Level Requirements for Difficulty

The level requirements for the various mission types are far too low. I can’t queue up for Malice or above without my group populating with players below 10, making me leave and try queueing again with hopes the next team will be better.

I am aware it’s not all on the low level players. They are attempting to play a difficulty level that they have access to, most likely in hopes of more XP and Ordo Dockets since Sedition and Uprising difficulties lack meaningful payouts of either.

The fix is “simple”:

Sedition - Level 1-6
Uprising - Level 7-12
Malice - Level 13-18
Heresy - Level 19-24
Damnation - Level 25-30

If you are below the minimum of the difficulty’s level range, you can’t play that difficulty. It’s that simple. An easier fix may be to have a player’s number of unlocked Talents dictate what difficulties they can access (2 Talents = Uprising, 3 Talents = Malice, and so on).

This idea may require a revamp of Mission Selection at the moment, since the duplicate zones and mission types have a lack of variety that would possibly lock Sedition and Uprising players to only a couple of missions at any given time. Not to mention, the XP and Ordo payout jump between difficulties needs to be re-examined.

Another possible mechanic to add in down the line could be something akin to Warframe’s Mastery Level Challenges, where you have to pass a Training Exam of sorts in order to progress in your account’s overall level.

Applied to Darktide, this could take the form of Psykhanium challenges the player must complete in order to be allowed in to the next difficulty, where the player is presented with increasingly-challenging scenarios relevant to the structure of their class. For example, Zealot would get pitted against a Horde and a few specials, and must take them all out, making full use of their class-specific weapons and abilities. Psyker could have a scenario where they must take out many enemies utilizing only their Force Sword, Force Staff and Brain Burst, and they must manage their Perils % to avoid dying. You get the idea. The “exams” would make certain that the player is ready for the harder levels, and that they know exactly how to make full use of their class.

I am no game designer, so I haven’t the slightest idea how hard any of the above would be to implement, but I am certain something has to be done soon.