Time to increase the level minimum for Malice and increase the xp reward for Uprising

Malice is tearing our precious noobs apart.

Started leveling Ogryn today and Malice has been a cascading torrent of failure because players simply don’t know how to play the game by level 3. Missions end within 5 minutes. The bosses, especially the Chaos Spawn, are just too much for new players at level 5 who don’t know how to block and dodge yet.

The immediate soft solution here it to just moonwalk through sedition for awhile but that’s going to get old quick, eventually moving into Malice will be necessary, and the noobs will still be filling lobbies, getting goomba stomped, and killing runs. Sedition is so easy it’s boring, uprising is maybe better, but it only rewards 100 more xp.

Increase the xp reward for Uprising and the minimum level requirement of Malice to something like 12. Leveling is so fast that might even be too early.

Upgrade xp for lower difficulties sounds great. Dear god don’t increase level requirements, making leveling a character even more boring for competent people is sad.

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I agree. Level requirements could be reduced after a player has reached level 30 and/or completed a list of basic penances. An icon could be added that’s visible in the lobby so people understand that low level player is more likely to know what they’re doing.

Maybe we just have to wait for the flood of noobs to filter through. Though, I don’t think that’s a good thing. It’s very likely a lot of people like me aren’t having fun getting wiped over and over on Malice. Especially competent players who know Malice is even easier than it was before who are forced to play the less exciting difficulties just to progress.

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