Level 4 heresy needs a level 30 minimum to join. Lobby FAQ

Level 4 Heresy difficulty should have a level 30 minimum requirement for play. It should also have a fresh squad start option. There is nothing worse than joining a bunch of under-leveled players, a few minutes into the match, which is completely out of your control, to only get completely disemboweled as soon as you spawn into the game. Anything above difficulty three should require lobbies or at the very least, the ability to start a 4 run from the beginning.

You had these systems in Vermintide 2. Power = entree to higher difficulties. Since this game’s weapons do not spread across multiple characters regardless of character level, it feels like bad design to not force skilled play for higher levels of difficulty. The current level requirements for difficulty 3,4, or 5 are absurdly too low to be taken seriously.

I’m sure this shows very clearly in the numbers FS is gathering from this beta, hopefully they will adjust accordingly.
Even then, we saw very clearly in VT that just because someone made power level, doesn’t mean they can dodge an assassin reliably or know how to dance with Roger.

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Level ≠ skilled play. A person can grind their way to 30 just by doing level 1 and 2 missions, and those won’t do jack to prepare a player for level 4 missions.

Same problem with V2, power level didn’t do anything to ensure quality matches at higher rank. Lower difficulties have a drastically different ‘optimal’ playstyle then higher rank.

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It definitely should not have a lvl 30 minimum, but there should be an option to set minimums to join if you start a game yourself.

Not to brag, but I was able to complete my first lvl 4 mission at lvl 9, and consistently clear 4’s starting at lvl 15 as psyker. We did it with a premade squad with lots of Vermintide experience under our belt. Lvl 3 is too easy for my squad and I would absolutely hate if they made it so that you could only start doing lvl 4’s at lvl 30.

Expecting to clear a lvl 4 with randoms with everyone being new in the game, some not even having touched Vermintide in the past, is just an unrealistic expectation.

My advise; get on the Darktide Discord, find a party who are looking to do 4’s in the LFG channels and you’ll be good.

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