Add player log and ignore list

You want us to play quick play more and focus on playing with randoms instead of private groups. Well please give us the tools to make that experience more enjoyable.

There are toxic players simply not worth playing with and no way to prevent being matched up with them in future. After a gaming session please let us see a log of who we played with and what their characters were.

Also add the ability to type into an ignore list so that the lobby will ignore games either hosted by certain players or games that contain that player.

Gonna be a lot of elf main players playing on their own if we get a useful feature like this…

EDIT - and inconsiderate Sienna players…


And a lot of Sienna, getting tired of her burning ol’ Kruber

IB players are the new Keri-Mains tbh.

There is alredy, dozens of scoreboard cheasers in this game… they regard evry class which cant get circles as s*hit (in their tiny brains)… Go try WHC, 1 of 10 games you will get instant kick upon joining… Those noobs will judge you even before they try you. So add ignore list so they can automatic add all off meta classes?

I Vote for ignore list and other stuff, but first meta need mega fix, all classes must be in line before this, otherwise u will get dozens of people with sub paar skills who play meta and judge to other people before try. Because those idiots just read somewhere or ONCE they play wiht bad WHC or bad Berserk dwarf, or bad spearmaiden. Its enought for them to judge all other players… how I disrespect those meta users thats unbelivable, for me they are just band of sub paar idiots who hide behind meta classes pretending they are good…

The beauty is that these idiots will be on your ignore list so that over time you’ll see fewer of them and you can play with people who have a brain and don’t judge based on a character career choice.

I really like this idea.

I think this is really smart.

It VT1 modders added a blacklist function (and personal list) to serve this purpose and it was definitely useful. Just being able to kick someone without them re-joining immediately was a huge QoL improvement. BUT! Sometimes you’d get someone with a name that wouldn’t show up properly, or you’d forget to note their name, etc.

A log of who you’d played with in a given session would be great both for being able to put people on a “never again” list and for adding friends. Sometimes you just miss the window to add them via the tab window and they’re too hard to find on Steam.

One further refinement, though, I’d like to see would be a “never again” list and a mere “cool down” list. Some people are pretty irredeemable, but others might just be having an off day. I’d like to have the option to permaban vs. tempban.

This is in all Steam connected games. Default is shift + tab, in the “friends” square press “view players”, and there are tabs for recent and current games.

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Hmmm, I’ve seen that before but it never worked for me at all (via any interface) with Vermintide 1. Still doesn’t show anything for VT2, either, it seems? Maybe I’ve missed a Steam setting.

Works splendidly for me at least, I’ll check later if it’s connected to some kind of setting.

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