getting kicked for no reason

I have been removed from groups three times now for no reason while in the bridge of shadows at the end of a run, is there anything that can be done to fix these toxic asses ?

Have it been the same people? Also, in short succession? Appears to me like some really tough luck.

But no, to my knowledge there is nothing to prevent such behaviours. Especially if at least two of the other players know each other and maybe even do this on purpose. I “think” you can block them via Steam block function so that you do not encounter these specific people again. However, I am not sure anymore if the block function only works for games you host yourself or all games.

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I thought Fatshark disabled the vote kick at the end of the match?? Are you sure the host or you didn’t just get disconnected? Do you happen to remember what the error message said?

I’m pretty sure it only prevents the affected players from joining each other’s quickplay session. Afaik, those blocked players can still join you from the lobby browser.

I can’t say if it was the same people or not, im on the PS4, they dont appear on the PSN, must be on another platform, it was lobby browser/quick play matches

It says “you were removed” not a connection issue, i recorded the last match

On Playstation. That makes it probably even more impossible to avoid such scenarios if there is ill-will included. Don’t know if there exists a block function or if the voting changes have been ported which we received on PC.

I guess this is a case for the developers to answer. But don’t get your hopes up to high. I fear you have just grudgingly accept it.

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Еspecially if at least two of the other players know each other and maybe even do this on purpose.

Exactly. I can confirm that they do it on purpose, “just for fun,” because they can, damn trolls.

This year I joined someone else’s game only once, and the same s-t happened. I didn’t complain, because this has always been and always will be. In V1 they liked to kick after an hour at the Last Stand. Therefore, I can only trust to my private solo game.

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Another platform, do you mean something like pc or xbox? If so I don’t know if I’m right but consoles are sperate from pc due to how the cpu they have for this game is not enough, less enemies spawn but some have more health(mostly trash enemies have more so hordes are the most affected)

Although I don’t know if xbox and ps4 have some sort of crossplay between each other or not, so I don’t really know why they wouldn’t appear on “PSN”

My mistake, it isn’t cross platform, i have found them on the PSN, they know each other…
I guess i’ll block them there, thanks

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