Vote kick?

Dear FS.

Ordinarily I’m a very calm person but sometimes even I can lose my temper. And it’s not about a cheating guy joining my lobby, FFing everyone in it, getting people to leave openly mocking everyone and basically making us all see him for the little underlaid bugger that he is. But I can deal with that. What gets to me is the fact that 3 years after release I still cannot just kick a person out of my own lobby. And the fact that really gets to me is that I cannot even start a vote kick.

Can someone please explain to me why that is? Why do I have to disband my lobby and loose the precious little time I have to play this game with mates because someone at FS’s UEx department forgot his corporate VPN password or something?

Thank you. (514.5 KB)


So are you unable to use the vote kick function that is in the game currently?

Sometimes I can, sure.

Sorry to hear that @OrsonMaxwell :frowning:

I believe that for the vote kick option to be available, 3+ players must be in a game. Is it possible that only the two of you were present when you attempted to kick this player?

Of course, I can appreciate that this isn’t ideal for just two players when you are faced with having to disband and lose your progress. I’ve passed this feedback along for discussion.

I’d also recommend blocking this player via Steam to prevent being matched with them in future games.

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That time it was me, my buddy, one random guy and one toxic guy, so a full team of non-bots.

I have. Actually I have done so using Steam overlay prior to trying to kick him. What’s peculiar is that after I disbanded our party he was able to rejoin me in the Keep while there was no matchmaking active and while he was already on my block list in Steam, which to me hints at maybe some kind of an exploit. That’s why I attached the log file. I won’t name the guy, but if you want to investigate - PM me for his Steam profile so you can more easily sift through the lenghthy log file.

P.S. Isn’t there a feature that prevents kicking people once you’re past a certain point in the map or something? I have a vague recollection about such a feature, but I’m not sure. Also if there is one - it doesn’t make sense and should be removed because you can still disband at any moment anyway and cause all the grief you like.

Just queried this, and yep! End events disable vote-kicking to prevent griefing and denying players loot. I can appreciate that disbanding can cause a similar problem though.

Were you at the event stage of the level?

Also, just to correct my post above (please disregard that), you should be able to votekick with any number of players. 2-players is a special case, and a host can immediately kick the client.

I’m not too sure as to how they were able to rejoin you… I wonder if it was possible to rejoin via Recently Played With, despite being blocked :thinking: - I’ll pass this on. I believe that a blocked player should be excluded from your matchmaking in future, however.

No - we were on the ledge path section of the Old Haunts after the church crescendo event where you see the Castle for the first time. So it’s quite some ways until the end event - we still had to go through the old Summoner’s Peak arenas, the rope bridges, the wooden scaffolding, the river, the castle gate, the secret entrance and only then we come to the final supply drop into the gargoyle heads finale. I’d say it was at most 50% in.

That got me curious as well - I know of no way of doing that.

Ah okay! :open_mouth: I’ll add this information and your log to our database and we’ll take a proper looksee. It’s possible that there’s a bug lurking here.

Great! Appreciate it.

Keep in mind one thing these asshats do when they join is start a vote kick themselves on another player. that way everyone else needs to get through the first vote kick before you can start a new one on the hacker/asshat. But if he gets to the vote kick button before you then you have to do it all again. and this whole times hes killing your team.

I don’t think this is really relevant to this discussion though - I don’t have a problem with arsehats as you aptly put it - I have a problem with the bug in the game that prevents anyone from using a basic QoL feature that was present in online games since the dawn of online gaming.

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