Can't votekick afk people (at mission end)

First at all: i read something about FS disabled votekick at the end of missions.

War Camp today:
After 2nd Grim our mage decided to be afk several times and after smashing in the gate, he committed suicide.
Thats were we wanted to kick him. But grateful as the game is: the option was greyed out.
So we picked him up (which was a mistake i suppose) and tried to push him down to the Lordsroom. No success.
So we were standing in the Lordsroom waiting for him for over 10minutes. Then we decided to quit the session. Litterally wasted our time for absolutely nothing. (Was on veteran, so we couldn’t kill him with ff, and no new hordes and enemies spawning while near lordsroom).

Why the heck is votekick disabled for afk people (at mission end)?!

Votekick was disabled near the end as a way to curb the unsubstantiated claims of people being kicked out at the end of maps for ‘no reason’.

What this means is that anyone with an axe to grind can screw your game at the last second and you can’t do anything about it. C’est la vie, without Host Kick.


Oh man i really have to try that. ^^

Well sry about it, had some guys like this in my games too. I couldnt even kick some ppl at the beginning, but for sigmar’s glory a friend could start the vote everytime.

even before bridge of shadow, sometimes i can start vote kicking
don’t know what causes preventing disable vote
but it seems another host-client bug

client sometimes can start vote even group is in front of bridge of shadow

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