No Countermeasures against Players Deliberately not Entering the Bridge of Shadows at the End of Game

Issue Summary:
If a player for whatever reason decides to not enter the Bridge of Shadows, the rest of the players cannot finish the game. Waiting for the player to die to spawning swarms eventually causes hosts to time out and disconnect.

Suggestion: An extraction timer if at least 2 people enter the Bridge of Shadows which, after about 1 - 2 minutes, ends the mission.

You can kick that player. An extraction timer, especially without downsides, could be heavily abused.

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yea, you can just vote kick them.

An extraction timer could be great if implemented properly. Maybe something like 2 mins, and anyone not in the bubble just gets left behind.

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I thought you can’t kick people at the end of the level?


Just have it be 1 minute to get to the gate, resets if the people/person inside exits and enters again.

No, you’ve been able to kick people whenever you want now.


You can kill them. If they fall you will complete mission. And nothing will be lost if they will not die completely.


As a matter of fact, sometimes you can’t. This guy suddenly went AFK towards the boss battle, and I could not kick him, so we had to kill him and lose the grim.


Was there something I missed? But yeah - here’s one possible solution XD


I’m really not sure what you’re talking about.

You were on war camp at the battering ram gate and could not kick a player? (those are some nice pings btw.)

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That’s right - it’s just past the ram. I’m the WHC (hosting), and the option to vote kick never came on.


Ah now I see… The kick player icon is not lit…

Yeah that would be a bad place to afk, it’s going to cost a grim at the least if you can’t kick them.

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