Still encountering people who force a map into victory screen


We’ve some shenanigans about, I’ve no idea about the nature of it - if it’s a console command or outright cheat, but once again a game ended before every player, including the host, had reached the bridge of shadows. This time, it was encountered on recruit - I was helping some fresh meat navigate through the end of a map, only for one person to decide it was a waste of time and force-ended the game. After of course, having ranted about time being wasted by people playing the map for the first time.

I’ve encountered it on three different occasions over the last month, different people too, and that ain’t good. It is really bad that it’s happening on recruit - people’s introduction to the game. I try to refrain from using the word “toxic”, but this genuinely was. And of course I imagine, confusing for players 2 - 3 maps in, when a map suddenly ends in a victory screen for no apparent reason.

So what’s going on?


I may be wrong, but I believe this may have been a change implemented in order to prevent people from trolling near the end of the level and preventing a victory screen by one or two players choosing not to enter the bridge of shadows (which was causing a ruckus on the forums a while back). I’d guess there will be people complaining either way, but personally, I like this change.

You may very well be right, however you mentioning it is the first I’ve heard about it(ending the game, not the griefing/kicking issue). And if it is the case, I really don’t find it to be a good solution. As someone who’ve plenty of hours invested in V2, it was confusing to me to see the game suddenly end with 3/4th of the party still a ways to go to the bridge of shadows. If I was new to the game or genre if you will, I’d be even more confused.

I don’t think this is good for new players, particularly when repeatedly I see players overqualified for recruit not willing to teach or help people fresh to the game. And why bother if they just want their dailies and can force the game to end by standing in the portal as one person?

It may not be a perfect solution, though tagging the post with the feedback and suggestion tag with your opinion might get some visibility on the issue for Fatshark to see and maybe fine tune the system to be less confusing for players.


What you encountered, was a toxic jerk.

This specimen will be toxic and a jerk for seemingly no reason at will and you cant do anything about it really.

Expecting logic or reason from them is futile so i suggest just passing it off as a bit of misfortune, like a bird crapping on your bike/car or something.

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Yeah, for sure. Though that is not the root of my problem.

The game ending with 1/4 people in the bridge of shadows is not good design, and now I am assuming this is a new feature without any real insight to what’s actually going on. It is incredibly confusing to see a game end in a victory screen while you’re still fighting enemies. At first, I believed it to be a disconnect - but no, it was the victory screen.

I mean, if new players end up repeatedly winning games without reaching the bridge of shadows but a team mate does, what are you supposed to believe triggers success?

I’ve not been able to find anything in the patch notes, sure, I might’ve missed it or it was a comment on reddit etc, can you recall it being a documented change or not?

Is there a time limit that forces the success if 1 person is standing in the bubble? I’ve tested this a bit, going outside the bubble and killing enemies for 10+ seconds before the party started raging at me. But it didn’t end the game…

The only case of this that I know of, which has been around since the start of the game, is if 1 person is in the bubble and the rest of the party goes down. Not dead, just down on all fours waiting to be picked up. If they go down like this with someone in the bubble, the game will end and as long as they didn’t die completely, any tomes/grims they had will still be counted.

Same experience here, you’re absolutely right about tomes and all; but it isn’t what happened, three times now, which is why I am so puzzled.

Again, assuming it is actually a implemented change which I don’t know, I’ve not been able to confirm or find any mention of it anywhere, it must be more than 10 seconds. Getting thrown into a victory screen while 3/4 players are still in the last barn on Against the Grain, is really strange.

There has been requests for a feature like your incident describes, and I remember Hedge mentioning somewhere or other that something like that is being worked on. This is because some players have griefed by holding the rest of the party hostage, refusing to enter the bubble before the others leave. There has been no mention (official or otherwise) of this kind of feature appearing, however, and it’s been a while since the last update. I also doubt FS would implement that kind of thing without mentioning it anywhere (considering that it’s a requested feature), or without putting in-game warning of some sort about it either (which would be just foolish). This is also the first time I’ve heard of such an incident. All of this leads me to thinking that your case was indeed an abuse or cheat of some sort, strengthened by your description of the supposedly initiating player ranting about wasted time. I’ve only read one side of the story, though, so nothing can be said for certain.

What is certain is that you encountered an individual I wouldn’t want to play with, for at least a couple of reasons. If you took note of the player’s Steam nick, you could try putting through a ticket to FS support about a suspected cheater/griefer. I’m not sure whether it would help anything now, though, and I’m not even close to certain that it was a genuine cheat (even if it seems to act like one, at least).

Gotta love failing to post a reply and leaving a draft for days. :>

Good to hear I’m not just out of the loop, I’ve been as mentioned unable to find anything spoken about it being a feature or not to end a game with only one player present(maybe the host?) in the bridge of shadows. Couple of weeks ago, last time I encountered a game ending suddenly, I sent in as you suggested a steam profile and console log from a round that was ended in a victory screen with a statement before every member was at the portal, but not heard anything since.

I can only speculate but it does indeed seem to suggest some form of cheating or abuse, however without input from Fatshark it is practically impossible to tell. Certainly the topic about griefing with votekicking or stalling at the bridge of shadows has been heated, but if a change has allowed, perhaps just the host to end a game by standing in the bridge of shadows, I wouldn’t be too surprised.

But then I’d assume the interest in steam profiles wouldn’t be there. In the end though it boils down to it being confusing to see an end game without reaching the end and still fighting enemies, so if it is indeed a feature I would advocate strongly against it.

You should probably tag the big bosses themselves. It’s been a holiday here in Sweden for a few days, and support staff had the time off. At least I would assume they did since it was a bank holiday I believe and FS put up a pinned message saying there would be no support. So they’re probably in the process of catching up and might have missed this thread. Also, it’s in Feedback. But I’d private message them with players steam profiles if you saved them.

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