Struggling to finish map

I finished the full campaign on solo on Recruit, cause I wanted to know everymap. This + Beta got me to level 20.

I tried Champ once but my power level is obviously too low to compensate my average level so I went back to vet.

Here’s where it gets fun. I’m having real trouble finishin level and earning loot.
In some case, rare but still, the host disconnected so we had to start the map over. Quite sad.
In other minor cases, people I get matched with seems to discover the whole game and level. They’re watching every single piece of wood in the damn street, and we need to survive 5 hordes every 100m cause it takes so much time to them to move forward. I understand that the game is beautiful and some people wanna admire, or even that the search for tomes and grim can be fun if you don’t wanna spoil yourself. But death by 1000 cut isn’t fun, it makes the map a really long and boring failure.
Last but no least, the lag. I know dedicated aren’t in there yet and that they’ll come later, but did the host/client games lagged that much in VT1 ? Either I’m only matched with NA or poor internet connection host, or there is just problems on this system but if I’m not hosting it gets really hard to coordinate.

In any case, I’ve found myself hosting (and nobody joined, do I have to wait into the Keep for people ? Does this prioritize in Keep than launched game ?) and, thus, get neither quickplay or full run bonus (bots dropping tomes). So I’m kinda stuck at 100 item power.

Am I alone in this case ?

i’ve levelled up to 25 on my main mostly solo, because i hate playing with lag in a game critical on reaction time. after that, i tried hosting to 30, then lately i’ve been trying to quickplay all the time with my other underlevelled toons. i feel that one of the issues is your geographical location - if you’re in a part of the world with less players, you’re just gonna have less matchup speed in general.

this annoys me to no end, it can happen for 2 - 3 maps in a row right before the end, and it kills me because i have limited time to play. i end up hosting maps, then quickplaying with the people that stick with me.

where are you located?

France, I actually haven’t come across a lot of French player, VT1 or VT2.
Server are for next month anyway so I guess I’ll just wait ^^

(Just found out why by looking at the lobby browser. If I put Near, 98% of player near me are actually playing Recruit. Guess I’ll just wait xD)

i’ve never had much trouble with disconnects but i do agree, even the few i’ve had, they are annoying. they should implement something where when it changes host you come back in the same spot everyone was at when the host left/dc’d so nothing is actually lost except the player.

also i think they should they should add a time limit to each map, something like 45m-1hour per stage so that there is some type of urgency. this way you aren’t spending hours looking for grims/tomes but it’ll still give you some time to explore for them. and if the timer runs out you auto lose the map and get the defeated screen and the map ends like everyone died… i know most ppl won’t like this but i agree i don’t like when ppl take forever to move forward on a map

Well I was able to play perfectly tonight, not much lag, no disconnect, and player that actually knows the basics of the game ^^