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I didn’t found any better spot that the feedback category.

I would like to report player who just decided to not go in bridge of shadows after the end of righteous stand, wasting atleast 8 minutes (those are I can provide with screenshost - mod mission timer).
However I would say before I decided to take first screenshot atleast 5 mintues passed. Maybe more.
All screenshots are in public screenshot library of my profile:
On first screenshot you can clearly see presented players in bridge of shadows.
< snip >
Thank you
With best regards

He has a VAC ban LUL

Hey, I know you’re probably frustrated, but calling someone out on the forum is probably against the forum guidlines.

Specifically, " * Harassment of any form… shaming, name-calling, bullying etc."

Here’s a link to the guidlines.

From the guidelines, (I also note your screenshot does not cover the other player’s username and you posted a link to the other player’s steam profile)

Naming and shaming constitutes harassment

Accusing named or otherwise identified individuals, etc. of dishonourable behaviour, will lead to post/thread deletion and a suspension. While such warnings may sometimes be warranted, allowing targeting of others in such a fashion is open to abuse and thus not allowed. You may present your point of view while preserving the anonymity of those involved, and let the reader decide whether to contact you for details.


I’m not sure reporting a player is agaist the guidelines, though it may be better to do so by opening a ticket instead of a public forum post.

IIRC, the game prevents you from voting kick at the end of the level. right?

This is honestly the most bizarre form of griefing I’ve seen. I know it happens fairly often in this game, but wtf. How can it be fun to sit and do nothing for eight minutes?


I’m sure you can report people, it’s just that doing it publicly on the forums, I’m fairly sure, violates the guidelines. I’d send a private message to one of the community managers or a support ticket instead. Though, I’m not sure what can really be done. That said, I’m seeing conflicting information on google as to whether you can vote to kick someone at the end of the level (though given what I’m reading I’m inclined to believe it may be disabled at the end of a level). But I’d understand if you could vote to kick someone if they just hang out outside the bridge of shadows for more than 5 minutes.

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I was about to answer to the OP by saying “Why didn’t you guys just kicked his butt?” but I remembered that something was done some time ago about that, so :man_shrugging:
Let’s see what the CMs have to say about this

The person in question appears to be the host, so kicking would not work.

He might have had some of his buddy’s log on and wanted some one to quit so they could get the free loot.

At least for me, trolls are few and far between, I can’t remember the last time I encountered one in this game. The community (at least on legend quickplay) seems to be pretty good from what I have seen.

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I haven’t seen anyone do this on the PS4 yet, although the game itself can do this with the infinite joining bug, i haven’t seen this bug happen in ages though, so maybe FS fixed it.

I don’t understand why people bother with this kind of behavior, it’s a team game at the end of the day. Maybe FS should just add an automatic victory if there’s already 3 people waiting in the BoS for 2 minutes or so. This would prevent this type of trolling.


Your suggestion of automatic victory if there’s 3 people waiting in the BoS for some amount of time seems like a good fix for this type of trolling @RaNdOmKiLs666


That and locking the player not inside the bubble at the end of the game for 12 to 24 hours would be an idea.

Breaking guideline is not intended, but I was searching for ticket, report player but didn’t find anything. And I think this acting should go unnoticed.

Also this guy was ofcourse a host and we have been held there like hostages of his virtual bullying. As he knew we wanted a reward we deserved.

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I can sympathize, it’s never fun to be trolled by another player. That said, the guidelines are in place to protect everyone, and there are probably better methods to deal with this. I guess you could try messaging the community managers to see if they have any suggestions as to how to deal with this or prevent it from happening again. Alternatively, have you considered posting something to the feedback section with the “suggestion” tag about how to possibly prevent this in the future? I’m sure there’d be people who agree with the goal you’re seeking and it may even lead to something productive being done.

What difficulty was it and region you play in?

And what is the meaning, of region and difficulty in this case? The point is game have no solution for players behavior like @Rune shows in his post.

Your suggestion of automatic victory if there’s 3 people waiting in the BoS for some amount of time seems like a good fix for this type of trolling @RaNdOmKiLs666

It’s coming. We have a functional system internally for this now, we’re just polishing it off so it works well in a live-game environment.


The point is to see if it’s legend and in my region so I can make sure the player gets a strength potion bounty hunter ult in the face if he ever was to show in my games.


I’ve only had this happen a few times. We just kill the guys. When he goes down to be ressed, the game will end. And since he isn’t dead, just down, any tome/grim he has will still be counted.

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Yeah same, but in the OP case it was Righteous and all players but the spam javelin himself had jumped down into the bubble with no line of sight to take him down.

Well that sucks… really wish the block function on steam worked for this game. Had many instances of players trolling and getting kicked only to keep rejoining.

Had a Bardin IB player the other day with the noobflamer, taking everyone’s temp HP, especially the zealot who was doing his 6 stacks. As well as knocking back all the elites so our heavy attacks and head shots were missing. He also kept healing the zealot lol. We asked him several times to stop, and asked him to change the weapon, he stuck with us for 2 games. Finally on the 3rd we kicked him. Only to have him rejoin for 8 mins straight, quickly grab any potions and bombs in his area and waste them. As well as toss the grim. GG

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