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So it was legend difficulty and region is Europe. According to troll profile, he is German.
But a trolling player can be from every country in every region.

Also there are trolls who carry grim whole game, just to toss it away right before entering bridge of shadows. This should also need some attention from devs as it is annoying. But well hard to catch without constant recording.

I actually think that this game might require some kind of rate players at the end of game. A lot of people will be like but those trolls will only give negative etc. but that can be with simple statistic works absolutly taken care of. A normal player will in most cases gives possitive marking. And those trolls/bullies will keep on giving all the time negative. Those can be simply ignored. And if someone is recievening negative marks from people who usually give possitive and lets speak about 50+ games, you know this player is deffinetly doing something wrong.

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stupid germans… lets ban them all
oh wait that would effect me so lets not do that

joking aside, i dont see the big problem
i play this game alot and even so i dont play with alot of randoms anymore nowadays i used to do that pretty much every day for a long period of time

and i simply cant say that there are alot of trolls at all, people that are bad at the game there are plenty of so less and less, but people that go out of there way to harm my gaming experience i have seen so little i can count it on one hand and still have fingers left unused.

on the the thing with loosing a grim to a troll, that matters even less,
what changes ? you loose some small chances on a vet item maybe(tbh i cant tell)
i have recieved 2 vet items out of some of the lowest quilty vaults so i highly doubt not getting and emp vault matters in any significant way

and i really dont see the need for a player rating system
if the steam block thingy would work we would be good to go
any ideas why that doesnt work ?=

regards towly

If I remember correctly, the lowest vault on legend has like a 5% chance and the highest has a 12 or 15% chance. So it does make a bit of a difference.

I think a player rating system would be a good idea not just for weeding out the trolls. But for rewarding good players. Maybe add a karma system where people who get a lot of positive reports get a portrait or something. Or even just give them a bonus on end game rewards, something equivalent to 2 loot dice or something.

Don’t think of it just as something to punish trolls. But as a positive thing, that can have rewards for people who take the time to teach new players where the tomes/grimes are. Or simply just clutch and save the game. Bragging rights essentially. It could even be something as simple as having a different colour text in chat, so people know they can ask these guys for advice.

As for the block system, when/if that ever goes into effect. I have at least 20 or so people I never want to play with again. I know a discord I’m on has a group list of people they auto kick if they come in their games when they do QP. I mean, some people have a reputation that proceeds them. And when you see that text saying that they’re joining, you know your voice chat is about to get spammed with racist shít or they’re gonna try and teamkill, etc.

I absolutly agree and if we look into other games which has those mechanics, it is also kinda important not to only say lets give this guy + and this guy - , it is also important to divide deeper that + and -
For example:
(+) Helping -> Helping others people learn mechanics, defensive spots, book positions and ways how to do challenges.
(+) Good behaviour -> Good behaving, nice to have him around etc.
(+) Great fighter -> Saves a day, etc.

(-) Bad behaviour - Offensive, racist, etc.
(-) Trolling - hard to think of description for that :smiley:
(-) Friendly Firing - Friendly fire that was on purpose
(-) Bad fighter - Often dieing etc.
(-) Soloist - going alone ahead and dying there

Ideal would be to have + and - for same things like that good and bad behaviour.
If you do not do something like bad fighting etc. people might rage on someone who was not lets say even champion material on legendary difficulty and give him unapropiate minus.

If someone will be getting constant reports for trolling and friendly fire and bad behaviour, there could be punishements in a way of no connection to random players for some time, just let him play with friends (if that guy has any). Or maybe even “softer” punishment to not let this guy be host of the game. As we all know host cannot be kicked, so by eliminating this option it might also prevent someone who was bad and want to be better from having a chance. But if he wants to continue to be bad, he can allways be kicked easily. Yes there will have to be some ways to prevent group of trolls from interupting vote kick, but thats should not be such a big thing in my opinion.

And if someone will be getting a possitives, yeah something like equivalent of a dice or even a portrait frame would be nice.

try here:

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Whereas I agree that a rating system might be a positive thing, and it might make people feel good if they received good feedback like helping, good behavior, and great fighter. I would be a little concerned if it was possible to rate people negatively in categories such as bad fighter. My concern is that someone who is newer to the game might get a little discouraged if their teammates singled them at as being bad at the game. Though I have no problems with a system that singles out bad behavior, or trolling. That said, I’d prefer if the negative feedback was shown as a modifier or number/player score rather than publicly declaring the reasons for all to see. Though, I wouldn’t mind if the other player was able to privately see the reasons for their score. I have one more thought on this, over time I believe the player score should slowly return to a neutral score. People change over time and I don’t think it’s productive to permanently place an albatross around a persons neck or give them a permanent gold star.


here is my 2cents on giving negativ points for being a bad player
its a bad idea

why is it bad, cuz people hate being told they suck
thats the simple truth, nobody likes it,
most of use learn to deal with criticism in some stage of our live

some sooner some alot later, but its not something you like to hear
especially in a videogame

now people that die alot, and do so with wasting healing, grims, tomes etc allready get told they suck, some players might simply kick them, some insult them, some try to suggest a change of playstyle but feedback they get

if all that cant bring them to the conclusion that something with there way of playing the game is weird i highly doubt a rating system will enlightem them

mind you this is only aimed at your one point : being a bad fighter

while i dont see the benefit for your suggestion of a rating system in general i wouldnt beopposed to it

Next time, just vote to kick the player. I believe the other members can do this right?

@AgainPyromancer has a Book of Grudges? I love this community so much.

I don’t even have a Reddit account. I am going to in a bit here and I’m bookmarking it.

Thanks for the tip!

It’s pretty new! At the moment you have to have been caught pretty much red-handed. The original screenshots in this thread wouldn’t have been enough, for example.

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Well, I didn’t described myself clearly as I see.
One thing I didn’t mentioned that it would not be optional to rate and also it would not be visible for anyone except fatshark. As I mean that to be the tool to find out people who are intentional trolls and this negatives like fighter etc. is to prevent rating someone troll for beign bad fighter etc.

Well those positive ratings should be visible, but I would keep those bad hidden, until those trolls etc. would be confirmed by fatshark and it would might serve as a warning to not go with that player in a group at all etc.

Sure it is just an idea and would need few galons of polishment to work well, but everything starts with brain storming.

I will finally stop keeping my inspiration hidden, this system is implemented in another game which is Dota2 ( @Fatshark_Hedge k_Hedge I hope this is not against any rules, if it is please remove the name, thank you) They have exactly what I am describing, hidden negative and visible positive, well both are optional, but I think having to rate others will statistically provide better results as you will not rate someone troll for dieing once when swarmed etc. But if someone will be constantly recieving bad results you simply know that there will be something wrong. But if someone gets 100+ positive and in one game gets 3 trolls from a group of players who constantly giving everyone troll, you know you can totally ignore rating of that group and also those 3 troll marks. This will provide a lot of statistical data to work with. They way to protect this mechanic from getting wrong data is also easy.
You can and this will come much later (as it would need also another mechanic, which will be saving some reports from those games) trusted/fair reporters whos troll report even if it was just few might be worth inspecting.
As I mentioned before in that game above (if the name get removed, no more naming) I have never abused any reports and well I think I even have some kind of that trusted thing, because if I reported anyone I allways recieved a masage about action taken, but it is known that those who were reporting without reason were getting kinda ignored, even in cases where it should not be ignored.
You can polish this mechanism really clearly. It might require a lot of work at the begining and I am sure about that as I haven’t noticed any means of those mechanics beign implemented at all.

There is no ingame report just votekick, no match replay, match records as everything is on host side. (not mentioning that this part is not nice even if host just dc/crash for some reason whole mission is lost) but thats another thing about this, it might get connected to also dealing with that thing.

Whole game might be “recorded” on everyones side, so there might be posibility to take out some reports that would say what they did and it might also keep some checkpoints so if host dc/crash it would be able to roll-back you just 1-2 minute to moment where it is kinda safe (rollback right in middle of horde will not be nice) instead of placing you back to beggining which might be 10-15 minutes etc.

And about some last words, I think keeping game free of bugs is as important as keeping trolls away from that game. Crashing in middle of game and loosing 10 minutes of game is as annoying as having someone trolling you for 10 minutes.

All the ratings should be equally visible, be it completely visible, vaguely visible (as “good”, “bad”, “neutral”) or completely hidden. Otherwise it would lead to assumptions about the hidden values, and likely discrimination of anyone whose rating was hidden, no matter the reason. Hidden would be best, I think.

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All those options are kinda double-edge blade.
Somepeople will be upset by seeing they are recieving bad results from others.
Other people will be upset by not seeing the results.

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