Nice that a troll can force an entire team out of a mission

This guy was upset at coming in late and low on hitpoints so he decided to AFK at the end of the mission outside of the circle so we couldn’t complete it. He straight up said he was just going to sit there watching Netflix on another screen while we were unable to do anything.
Disappointing that there’s no way to kick, votekick, or summon any type of support. 30 minutes or so for a mission followed by 30 minutes or so of some joker trolling us?
I’ve seen people talk about 100’s of hours without issue, but this is my third day playing and it’s not a great experience.
What’s the solution I should use in this situation?

Maybe make it so that if 3 of 4 people are in the circle for a set amount of time, the mission ends?


If it’s Champ and up you can shoot him to down him with friendly fire. Once downed players don’t need to be in the bubble for the mission to complete but their tomes and grims still count. By far the easiest solution is to just vote kick, because that is present in the game. Tab+RMB to use your cursor on the team info screen.

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You can’t votekick at the end of the mission since, idk, beta? And you don’t always have enough ammo in the end, especially considering 0.1 pointer at Champ.

Votekick needs some work.

If you can’t votekick and don’t have ammo, there’s kind of a way. Someone other than the host disconnects and rejoins. He will have full ammo again.


Guess I’m in the party that has never had this problem and therefore didn’t never realized the implemented a votekick limitation.

Maybe have specials and whatnot spawn after a set amount of time with someone in the circle?

yeah over 300 hours haven’t seen this one myself , do enemies stop spawning if someone goes into the circle? they don’t start again if you leave?

I’ve got some fun shenanigans for you:

1.) Taunt him so you’re sure he really is AFK, as in “away from keyboard”, so he can’t see your sneaky tricks.

2.) Make a team effort to nudge him to the circle. One does the nudging, two watch for enemies. If you spot enemies, then double back to the circle and feed him to the rats or something.

Nudging is basically walking inside a player from a certain angle, and forcing the troll players character to move a little bit “out of the way” of your character. Eventually you may be able to get him inside, if you’re persistent enough and he isn’t stuck anywhere nasty.

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Good advice, but a lot of us are using multiple monitors. We actually tried pushing him into the circle like this at one point and he spotted it and moved back out.
He ultimately relented after a party member left for work.

Maybe SS his BS and submit to FS for disciplinary? Agreed, votekick could use some changes, but would also not mind seeing an option like “3 of the 4 in the portal ends the game after a countdown”, even if u lost the 4th person alive bonus, still able to end. sorry that happened to you :frowning: 120+ hours, havnt seen it yet, but would really anger me if i did. I promise its not normal (as far as ive seen). heck, if i came in at the end, i am happy cause free loot/xp

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