You should start taking care of the modders

Hello! I usually write complimentary posts here, but I can’t today. One of the great mods disappeared from the workshop due to the fact that no one bothered to include it to the “approved mods” for years. That mod name was Inhabitants - Totally harmless mod that did not affect gameplay or other players. What’s wrong with wanting to see your own bots? I do not understand that. How hard is it to approve a mod? How long can it take? A minute?
You should start taking care of the modders. Modders make the game much better. They take care of others for free and help you. I dare say that without the modders, many players would have left the game a long time ago - quite likely me too. You should thank them at least by looking at their work once in a while and approving mods that don’t affect gameplay or give players something they would otherwise have to buy or earn by playing.

That’s all from me today. Have a nice day.


I recall Fatshark saying they couldn’t release the mod tools like they promised due to legal reasons - okay.

Can we get any support whatsoever for modders? This game would be timeless if people could make content like maps! FS have even said that creating new maps wasn’t financially viable - fine! Then let us! Do something to help in this regard!


like what happened with the beastary mod ?
and why that mod cant be sanctioned, the one that show equipped weapons on the chars backs ?
i love the game, i love wp, but since that patch some things are weird


I read somewhere that this couldnt be done due to both GW as well as the game engine owners not approving-

Several mods havent been updated to work as the game gets updated, i suspect beastiary is a victim of that. And other mods have been straight up abandoned as their creators moved on which seems to be the case for the “3rd person equipment” mod which hasnt been updated since 2018.

Any mod that doesnt get updated and starts to cause problems is pretty quickly unsanctioned, hence its better to hope for Fatshark to adopt mods as they have for a few already.


Can you source that? I had heard it was the makers of the programs that create assets that did not approve - I think it was said to me in a reply on this forum, though I can’t recall with certainty. I have never heard anything about the game engine owners or GW. The latter seems very suspect to me, as mods are allowed for Total Warhammer games.

Anyway, surely they can do something for modders. Like not ignoring their own whole sanctioning system entirely.


I’m not sure they are actually ignoring the sanctioning system. A ton of the “applied” status mods have comments from devs that give reasons why they can’t be sanctioned - not that they couldn’t be doing an even better job, but I don’t know where their priorities are

With recent mod re-sanctioning, like right before WP patch, they were re-sanctioned within a couple days which is very quick

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Yes, there are a few (about 30) mostly essential mods that have constant attention, because without them you can hardly play. (like UI Tweaks, Crosshair Kill Confirmation, Friendly Fire Indicator…) But then there are a number of fun mods that are no threat to devs - they do not affect gameplay and do not give players anything they could get in the game. (like Career based mission progress, Bardin’s Scoreboard, or Inhabitants…) And these mods have zero attention and have been waiting for approval for years without a response.


I´d be happy to oblige but i have the memory of a goldfish and cant remember when or where it was that i saw it stated that it wasnt doable.

It might well have been a problem based on what you stated rather than what i wrote as well, the only thing i recall with certainty is that the thing cant be done and it´s out of Fatshark´s hands.

To a degree they are doing stuff arent they? They even adopted some mods into the game and they tend to be quick to re-sanction mods that get updated but had lost their approval due to bugging out post some update.

Personally i wish they´d invest more into the adoption process, the whole sanctioning thing can be even be viewed as testing before getting implemented. Or so i would hope.

Lets not exaggerate too much, there are only 30 approved mods in total and among them there anything from UI changes to minor cosmetic stuff like hanged corpses being removed.

The only mods i think people would view as essential are the very ones you listed as examples, although i would also consider armory and beastiary to be helpful and good.

But its definitely less than 10 such mods…and they all have a tendency to bug out and cause problems whenever the game gets updated. Sometimes even inducing crashes.

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Yes, that would be beautiful. But before that, they would have to start approving mods…

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I recall them saying they were mostly done (I think the words were 90%) but were hung up on the tools. Can’t they release at least what they can to give modders a little more help? Now, I’m not a modder - for all I know they are doing more than I seem to know.

But it doesn’t really seem that way, and this game with just a wee bit more modded things would be incredible. I recall one modder even made a test map a year or so ago.

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within a couple weeks you mean, after modders like joe fixed their stuff. and then about 6 seconds after everything got sanctioned again they released WP again and unsanctioned alot of mods again. some of which actually dont cause any major problems if any problems at all. so yeah very frustrating


Mods only get unsanctioned when they cause problems though, at least fas far as i know.

Doesnt have to be for everyone, one or two reported cases and the hammer comes down.

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take UI tweaks for example, one of the most important mods for many people out there. unsanctioned after joe fixed it, works fine in beta. some people get chat log spams but its fairly easy to disable those. and if the mod actually causes problems, just unsubscribe. thats my opinion atleast. i know fartshark just disables mods because they find it funny so there will be a reason but its fairly frustrating nontheless if the mod seems to work just fine for 99% of people. and also its extremly annoying for modders, like joe, who try to fix their stuff only for it to get broken 3 days later

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You mean the modded realm? As far as i know it works a bit differently than the normal realm and even if the beta doesnt crash its still not certain the official wont.

Fatshark got better at testing such stuff after a few “oopsies” on that line.

But as for modders getting the short end of the stick…well yeah, i used to play MHW and it was the same deal there. Devs were patching often for a while and every patch broke the mods…not sure if there is any solution short of Fatshark actually adopting the mods.

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